Mobile YouTube sessions "average 40 minutes"


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and you definitely can’t discount “10 Hours White Noise: Industrial Air Conditioner” that gets daily full plays in my house…


Not so much music for me, but the tons of trash and public domain cinema make for a fair amount of my watching, well more listening while I do other things.


Off Topic: This is three posts in which the picture is of a (presumably) toy gun pointing at something.


I don’t have cable TV at my house. I just use Roku with Amazon and Netflix. There are some shows I enjoy watching that are not on Prime or Netflix that I don’t want to pay for, like Project Runway. It’s a fun show but I can watch it for free on You Tube and use their Roku app to sling it to my TV. It’s not perfect, because they do an annoying theater screen around it so you can only see it 1/2 size, but it’s good enough for fluffy entertainment. I also watch a lot of youtube while I’m working, like right now I’m doing something where there’s a lot of computer processing, and watching some makeup video or dumb wedding dress show kills the time a little faster while I’m waiting for the computer to crank on whatever task it’s doing.


There are some shows that are not even on cable at least in North America.
The wife and I love Mock The Week, QI, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, and Pointless but youtube is our only option outside of moving to the other side of the pond.


I’m waiting for a picture of a gun pointing at a gun that is laying on a desk.


I do watch 10 hour cuts of Nyan cat and Pink Fluffy Unicorns.


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