Youtube channel mundane yet quite weird


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Shout-out to the OG


People have time to watch these?


Indeed, some of us are paid to watch them!


O brave new world, with such people in’t!


“I don’t have TIME to clean my house, or to call my mom, or to go out for some exercise. Now leave me alone - I’ve got to see what happens to this waffle!”


Um, I’m just going to drop this here, and move along… pretend you never saw me!


God are they relentless. Brilliant. But relentless.


Not Measuring Anything gave me such a strong sense of how long 18 seconds could be. Maybe something was being measured after all! Art!


If Warhol were still with us, he’d be having a blast with platforms like youtube.


But you were watching it just now.

(That was my left-field interpretation of a @Papasan post.)



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