WATCH: Funny woman reviews "As Seen on TV" junk products



My god I wish everyone on YouTube would stop imitating that John Green vocal pattern and editing style. It’s like fucking nails on a chalk board.


After being introduced to Miranda Sings: is this super-bold lipstick routine a YouTube “thing” now?

The beauty of the internet is she doesn’t have to worry about corporate sponsors. She can say it’s crap without worrying about loss of ad revenue.

Although I bet there are companies that send her free stuff because they don’t realize how brutally honest she’s going to be.

Is there somewhere I can learn about

I don’t know who or what that is

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Lots of jump cuts, Loud quick stream of conciseness talking, exaggerated movements. Making funny surprised faces reacting to you own statements. Weird awkward long drawn out pause in speeeeeecch… It’s all over Youtube, It’s one of those once you notice it you see it everywhere type things.

You can really notice it when you watch his brothers videos where he dose a very poor imitation of his older more famous brother.

Thanks, yes, I have noticed some of these weird trends - especially in my kid’s videos. I have been wondering where these things come from. Personally, I hate talking heads and think people trying to make YouTube into television is rather backwards.

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I really want to like this vlogger (Is that still a term? Am I dating myself by using it?), but good bog her voice grates.


Makes me think of a female Gilbert Gottfried.


Actually I can guarantee she is making a fortune off Youtube ads and is not doing one second of this for free.

Just made my morning! Thank Jane.

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I still prefer Ashens’ channel

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It could be a fortune of monopoly money.

Ashens is great, but I think MikeJ’s Infomercialism is the more appropriate comparison.

I tried one. It is 15 minutes long! And she never stops talking! It’s more annoying than the original commercials! I had to turn if off after a very short time.

Perhaps if we could get Eeyore to shoot these videos, they might get traction with the over-16 crowd.


I blame Ze Frank, though I’m not sure who’s been doing it longer.

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I only lasted a few seconds - she’s seriously grating.


There’s one of those WOW cups at my house. I’ve no idea where it came from. My one year old uses it.

It’s pretty good, actually. It seals better than most kid cups (which usually have either pinholes in plastic or slits in silicone), and it teaches kiddo the mechanics of drinking out of a regular cup.

I quite like it.

As a small-budget filmmaker, I find this a fascinating case study into a particular solution to a very common YouTube production problem: how to make the most boring setup in the world (talking head in their bedroom, zero production value, fixed camera angle, nothing actually happening) into something more entertaining.

The “quirky character + wacky overacting + stark editing style using jump cuts to skip over anything that feels like slowing down” solution seems to be a popular one, spreading memetically as people naturally tend to copy whatever seems to be working.

But yeah, annoying.


I lurve Bunny! She’s hilarious!

Also check out Superwoman! Also damn funny!
(Her best videos are her impersonations of her parents, IMO)