"Pickup artist" douche uses copyright to sue Youtube critics, fans raise $100K defense fund

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Regular watcher of DeFranco’s content, and his other channels like SourceFed, and i really appreciate his even handed, level minded views and opinions. And while he usually tries to stay neutral on most things, he is not afraid of calling bullshit on people. Which this case clearly is, and i hope this troll gets squashed hard.


Boring, why do i dislike people who make crummy youtube vidoes and call it “our career”? whatever good luck to all involved


The video in question, “The Big, the BOLD, the Beautiful (Re-upload)”:


I seriously do not get this whole “Youtube star/career” thing everyone is apparently obsessed with, let alone understand the appeal of third-rate “reaction” videos, complete with terrible editing, weird accessories and out of control eyebrows, but this lawsuit should never have been allowed to go to trial by that judge.

Also, “pick up artists” are scum.


I’m ignorant, but I thought you weren’t supposed to talk about pending legal stuff? (“stuff” is the technical term, go look it up.)

I think it’s just a bad idea to talk about pending legal stuff, in case you say something publicly that contradicts what you later say in court.

That depends on if you primarily want to fight in court, or outside it.

Right? I got on to these very good makeup videos that my neighbor (a serious makeup artist) recommended. But because I watched hers, I got recommended by the Tubes to other makeup videos. So yesterday I find myself watching this teenager on camera talking to all her homeys like, “You know me, I love a thin eyebrow!” and then “please click here to watch more of my things,” and then there was the review of 5 products where for each one she was mugging and screaming - like, lady, these are just blusher you can pickup at the drugstore, why be so dramatic about it? I guess I don’t get it because I’m not 12 but it seems like everyone wants to be an expert without any actual knowledge.

Also, get off my lawn!


Well these homemade videos suck horribly, there’s no live action and they didn’t do the vid in Sony WhatASound 5.8 and what’s with the shit background and does that woman even talk and how can anyone in the world ever support these so-called “stars” of YouTube because really there’s no such thing as a YouTube star and they wouldn’t know a career if it hit them in their stupid, crap-editor faces with their stupid crap-fake eyebrows and hey why didn’t the guy shave first does he ever shave and I don’t like the color of his hat either because he didn’t shave it makes him look silly and why would you want to look silly in a video no matter how crappy it might be maybe they think they’re stars or careerists or something else dumb but why would they even if some jackhole wants to sue them for their poorly constructed video that I will never ever watch because I have a far greater sense of artistry than these two dingleberries and I don’t need to say that I’ve got an internet career because nobody makes money from the internet except cats and dingos and some wealthy white people that I don’t know but I bet they make better videos than this.

Oh, almost forgot: This case shouldn’t go forward.



Wait, just yesterday Notch was being vilified for calling ‘mansplaining’ a sexist term. Now he’s generously supporting a legal defense fund for creators targeted by a “pickup artist”. Is he a good guy or a bad guy this week? I need to know!

It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people.

  • Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens.

I understand it in the context of making actual content.

IE Vsauce, LGR, etc. These people that make bank off of being a sleezeball pickup jackoff, or putting on makeup… No. I don’t understand that.

As they explained in the video, it doesn’t work that way. Fair use is a defense which can be used in the trial, not as a legal claim for dismissing the lawsuit prior to trial. It’d be nice if it did work that way, but it doesn’t.

Shakes fist in solidarity


Something you should look into: sentences.

You do realize that the Internet is not an amorphous blob with a single opinion, right?


It’s really more of a series of tubes…


I know three children that want to be you tube stars: one reviews candy from all over the world, and the other two watch product unboxing reviews like there is nothing else going on in their lives. (I don’t know many children, so three is a lot!)

Pick up artists? Sounds more like preying upon unsuspecting women. (Havent, probably won’t, watch either video)

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