YouTubers prevail in copyright lawsuit brought by "pickup artist"


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This is sad. This isn’t moving the law forward. Theirs wasn’t any kind of edge case, but rather the same fair use as so explicitly described in US federal copyright law. The judge didn’t need to interpret anything esoteric in the particulars of the situation, but simply acknowledged that the law indeed still exists and obviously applies even if the plaintiff doesn’t like it. Doesn’t this mean that everyone can still suffer the same fate, get sued despite the obvious lack of merit, raise a ton of money to fight it in court, then eventually, probably win. That doesn’t sound like a great system.


Is it safer? The point of the lawsuit was to try and bleed their funds, if another channel gets sued and can’t get the donations for a lawyer they’d just go broke fighting it whether they win or not.


Hoss must realize he cannot treat well-settled law and undisputed facts like the women in his videos; they will not change simply because he is persistent and impervious to their hostility.

Nice shootin son


Confirming that “pickup artists” are whiny a-holes. (Not that it was ever in doubt.)


A fast, well-publicized dismissal warns future litigants of the limits of SLAPP-type shenanigans. If he paid up front, Hoss also lost a lot of money. If his lawyer worked on contingency, the lawyer did. In all cases, Hoss has ruined his career and his reputation, such as it was.



Wow, that pick-up stuff must be amazing if it works for a guy like this!


You say it like a pick up artist is ever deterred by things like rejection or failure or legal action or common sense…


Huge loss of money is a great deterrent. They just wasted a lot of money in legal fees.


Ew. I couldn’t even finish the commentary the original video was so gross.


Worth noting here is that when MattHossZone initially made the complaint to YouTube they immediately took down the h3h3Productions video regardless of whether MattHossZone had a case or not.
No way were YouTube going to risk having their arses sued for mounting damages should MattHossZone prove to be in the right. That still hasn’t changed. Fundamentally you only have to say “Boo!” to YouTube and they’ll take a video down.


And yet this logic doesn’t work on remixing/sampling.


I’m sorry, did someone give you the impression the US courts are a “great system?” It’s just the best one we have.


Ew. I couldn’t even finish the commentary because both videos were so gross.

This is what I don’t get: People watching people watching videos on YT. Or, people watching people play video games. How stupid is that?


Well, not really. East Texas is where it gets bad for copyright. Other areas are less bad on that count.


Fighting the same battles over and over again is the price that has to be paid…


Because you don’t get it automatically makes it stupid? Maybe just say it’s not for you and leave it at that. I’m not one to watch streamers play games, but there are specific instances where i have done just that and gotten a lot of entertainment out of it. However i don’t feel the need to justify my or other’s watching habits to someone else.



Neither more nor less stupid than people watching pro sports on TV. (Actually, probably a little less stupid, since most such viewers I know are active gamers.)


Get rid of the American Rule.