Mod feature I haven't seen so far

Directly above a flagged trolling post.

Thought I share this, so more people notice. I dig this: moderators can comment when someone flags something? Nice. Haven’t seen this before. Kudos, as usual, to Ken and Jeff.


Yes! Thank you for noticing! It’s a way of inserting sotto voce comments by staff above existing posts, visible to all users.

I saw some Discourse sites attempt to emulate this effect with inline post edits and that was … kinda icky. But the positive intent was there.

(Staff could always add a staff reply, but that may be quite far down in the post stream and therefore disconnected from the actual event.)

It’s also worth noting that you’d only do this on posts that are mild transgressions and can be transformed into “educational moments” with the staff notice… any serious transgression of the rules would get removed, of course, because nobody wants a bunch of toxic waste left lying around in the community :biohazard::exclamation:


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