Modded, post-apocalyptic Hot Wheels cars

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Car Wars! So much fun! I also had the nearly unplayable Macintosh game. I wasted so many hours with that.


Microgames* like carwars and ogre came in at a very appreciated pricepoint when I was in highschool.

*yeah, I know that CW was technically not a microgame since it came out after SJ left Microgames, but format was similar for the first edition.


And it also had that small-box form factor which made it kinda’ cool to hold. There’s just something about games in little boxes.


Those are some nice models; and thank you for reminding me that I’ve got a couple of 15mm scale Raupenschlepper Ost’s that I can add to the pile of Hot Wheels cars I’ve been picking up from Poundland.

I remember my very first Car Wars game - right after it came out - I barreled out of the gate in my little VW bug and immediately crashed because I was going too fast for the curve in the track. Epic way to die historic on the glory road.

Oh, and these are AWESOME.


Those look like some very happy mutations.

You know who would be good at kitbashing and toymodding?

This guy:

Is there any good timelapse video of the transformations?
They look amazing!

Oh man, I used to do this to my Matchbox toys…

I managed to do the same thing in my first game…
…as did everyone else, as we were all newbies and figuring things out. :joy:

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