Converting die cast toy cars into post-apocalyptic combat vehicles


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As a Car Wars fan, I am intrigued. I’ve always wanted to toymod cars into Autodueling vehicles.


Multiple visits to Poundland has snagged me quite a paddock full of interesting looking vehicles. The only issue is that I’m now conflicted about converting them in to combat cars as the original factory paint jobs are so good. Maybe I should have bought two of each, so I could keep one stock and mess up the other one.


Raaaawr! Who needs tabletop game? Pillage!


Take word from one for whom it is too late - that way lies madness (and a complete lack of storage space and possibly divorce).


seconded. (looks over at his warhammer 40k minis and sighs)


Oh yeah! What a way to convert my whole Hot Wheels collection into a Mad Max-themed die cast.


I like to do mini conversion, but don’t like to mess around on bitz sites trying to find some popular bit for one of my planned models. Instead, I buy entire kits to get a couple of bitz. This means, I’ve got a small pile of actual figures, and what looks like an entire GW store of opened boxes. :smiley:


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