The Mad Max cars look just as fantastic before the dirt


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Just amazing.


So shiny and chrome!

So much detail it’s easy to miss in the movie.
Dagnabbit, I’m gonna have to watch it again now.



the customization effort is amazing. So much detail. The artists really captured the look of on-going tinkering, perfecting, and post apocalyptic glamour.


I love the car design from that film. My son wants to build one now.


Please, people: click through. There’s so much!
And the attention to detail is bonkers.


That would be a damn cool Hot Wheels set.


Those must’ve been so fun to design and build.


One of the blu-ray extras goes into the incredibly extreme lengths the art/props department went to in detailing even the tiniest thing AND having it all make sense in a post-apocalyptic world. Ex: The cage-headpiece that MM was forced to wear? Its ‘nosepiece’ was a rusty, old, hand fork gardening tool.


Lovely. Particularly liking the pursuit special there: what’s that rear tyre held together with? It’s been… lived in. Not bad though considering it got turned into shrapnel in mad max 2. You can drive a pristine version of it and throaty variations on the others in the video game.


They’re all awesome. The photos are excellent too.
The doubled-up '59 Cadillac is one of my faves.


This one:

…is a barely-modified trials bike:


Wait, how did the V8 Interceptor re-appear? (Obviously I need to watch Fury Road.)


It was in the beginning of the movie


I did recently and was astonished by how well it’s holding up to multiple viewings. For something with such a modest scope it’s astonshingly well put together.


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