Watch Australian bush mechanics get a wrecked car rolling


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“My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember the Road Warrior. The man we called “Max”.


That made my day! Thanks BB!


They totally voided the warranty.


That was awesome! I just donated my old beater of a truck recently and I can clearly foresee it sitting in field somewhere waiting for someone in the post trump apocalypse to do what these guys did.

The doll head oil cap and the walking staffs out the back of the car as they were driving off were especially great!


Gee, I hope they didn’t violate any DRM on the parts … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man, that brings back some memories. I thought maybe somebody had found some old Bush Mechanics footage and uploaded it in HD, but it’s apparently a new show in the same spirit called Black As.

Hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s all on iview so I know what I’m watching tomorrow night. Thanks!


The spirit of man is often most alive in those people with the fewest options…take what you have and triumph with it.


They better know how to get outta there before Immortan Joe gets there.


Grabbing a baby stroller to use as the driver’s seat… I almost fell outta my chair!


There is not enough w00t in the world for this video.


It’s a fun video!

I notice when pausing it at :52 as they fill the radiator with water, that you can see the whole engine bay. Dust and dirt cover most everything except the air intake plenum and possibly the throttle body. Those look brand new, or at least clean. Stark contrast with the rest of the car. I wonder if they used their axes when they replaced those off camera?:wink:


Came here to bring this up. I would love to see a more scavenger-oriented story in the mad max 'verse!


Obviously Mad Max is the Hollywood version of a post apocalyptic wasteland, in the real world the gangs roaming the desert would be riding old rusty Corollas, Festivas and Pintos.


I binge-watched a bunch of episodes of Bush Mechanics recently. The pace was kind of slow, but I couldn’t look away.


This is amazing. It made me so happy.


I wonder how far down the road they got before something gave out? It looks like they got less than a gallon of gas, and the oil was probably just this side of sludge.


I didn’t notice that, but my first thought when it started was there was no fucking way the fuel system was functional after sitting that long.


When the apocalypse comes, I will be dead quickly and these guys will be ruling their world.