Dude who plays flame-throwing guitar in Mad Max is a very cool dude

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Yeah I read an article he really wanted the part and dressed up all in Mad Max gear for the audition.

Man but that’s some horrible effects. Maybe it’s just the youtube clip but it looks terrible.


Looks better in the movie. The guitar actually shoots fire, but I’m sure the flames were augmented with CG.

This guy got my dream job, damn him!


A flame-throwing guitar. A mother-humping FLAME_THROWING GUITAR! This one GIF alone has sold me on this movie!


I liked the truckload of drummers at 1:22. What could be more useful in a post-apocalyptic wasteland than a truckload of drummers?


To be fair, there are no radio stations and driving for hours in the desert is BORING. You can only play so many games of “I spy something orange.” before you go insane. So a little road trip music makes it go by faster.


And once viewers hear just how goddamned loud all those engines are, they’ll appreciate why Joe’s rolling boombox looks so… excessive.


Look, I’m sorry, but the flame-throwing guitar dude schtick rises to a Jar-Jar Binks level of goofiness.

Given the fawning press coverage and glowing reviews from my friends, I think I probably must be the only person in the entire world that hated this turkey of a movie.

Back in the day, I really liked the original mad Max. then I absolutely hated the next two.

Nope, you, 4 critics from 237 aggregated at Rotten Tomatoes, and some MRA douchebros hated this movie. Maybe you can get together in a small room and cry about it.


That’s interesting, because when people hear “Mad Max” they almost always picture this

Instead of this

Now the first movie just seems like a weird anachronism compared to the rest of the franchise. Colorful cars! A (somewhat) functioning society complete with laws and police officers tasked with enforcing them! A clean-shaven Max wearing shiny new leathers! Greenery!


Just came right now from the cinema and man…


The guitar guy is playing like 24/7 non stop the moment the bad guy stars the car chase. Not very practical, but very VERY motivational.


I think the fire might be real http://www.mtv.com/news/2161513/mad-max-fury-road-guitar-player-doof-warrior-colin-gibson/
I was referring to the over the top color correction/grading. It completely takes me out of the movie.

Haha, I just watched that trailer for the first time (keeping it back until the main film, but had to show my sister how awesome this is going to be…

My voice was actually breaking, couldn’t keep it together.



Doesn’t bother me. I figure if you’re going to blow up things that big and spectacularly, you might as well have color to match the over-the-topness of it all.

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If by “effects” you mean an actual guy attached to bungee cords playing a real, working guitar in front of a real, working Marshall stack and which shoots actual flames when he hits the whammy bar, well… that’s as real as it’s gonna get.


What bothers me about this beef is that 75% of the Max films have had amazing colors. Years of watching them all on VHS and bad DVD transfers have ruined eyes.

Mad Max: Saturated colors and green ground
The Road Warrior: Just watched this on bluray and was AMAZED at how much color was present.
MMBTD: this one has the least dynamic color palette.
MMFR: Amazing colors. As vibrant and harsh as the world they live in.

Dacree just seems like a hater who wants to hate no matter what.

Although I do wonder how much of the color grading in MMFR was done to make Nambia (where it was shot) look closer to Australia.

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They’re on the same vehicle, and it’s an interesting contrast between forms of wealth. The whole thing looks extravagant both in and out of universe, but for different reasons.

In the movie universe, the truck itself and the flame effects would be a massive display of wealth. Scarce, highly prized physical resources. In our universe, they’re cool and all, but I know people who make stuff like that for fun for Burning Man. The labor of the drummers is what stands out to my eyes as woah. I can imagine finding people to play fire guitar, sure. But 6 drummers, for hours on end? It’s a terrible combination of requiring real skill and not being very sexy – not likely to be filled by volunteers. In the Mad Max world, of course, labor is cheap. Joe has too many people looking for something to do as it is, so why not make them drum?


My understanding is that Mad Max post apocalyptic logistics are heavily influenced by the Rule of Cool.

Sure, in an actual parched, apocalyptic, wasteland, you’d dress more or less like the Toureg and plod your camel slowly between the remaining water sources.

That, however, would be terminally lame. Therefore, you gather your logistically implausible band of combat/S&M raiders; and go raiding; because raiding is what raiders do. In these circumstances, your truckload of drummers are worth their weight in MREs and small arms ammo because they serve to whip your crazed minions into an even more crazed blood fury.