The new Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer


See? Now that’s what you guys were doing in the Thunderdome!

Can you tell I updated my version of MSPaint this weekend? :wink:

(but seriously, this is utterly beyond my wildest hopes for this movie. I already feel like I got my $12 ticket’s worth. Wish all you Badass guys were here in town so we could all attend a screening together. I’d spring for the popcorn!)


What if it was Mad Max: Holiday Road


I am so happy for Miller finally getting this together! He had been trying to make it happen like 10-15 years, so I had my doubts. Looks rather wild!

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xref: Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

Holy shit : O

Hey, THIS thread is not auto-closed, because it’s not an official post. heh!

“The Big Wind” is a colossal, roving fire-extinguisher of Hungarian design that combines one part T-34 Soviet tank with two parts MiG-21 turbine engine. Bring it all together, add a trio of operators, and you’ve got a Mad-Maxian chimera that can gush water at a rate of 220 gallons per second. [emphasis added]

Sounds like Rip Torn is narrating.

OMG, there was a viral promo posted YEARS ago!

I keep checking IMDB to see if there has been an update on release dates but still none for Japan.

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How come there’s never been a Bollywood version of Mad Max?

This is just begging for a 4-hour high-speed musical-comedy with explosions treatment


Omni has the Fury Road and original Mad Max trailers swapped for Audio. With some editing:

Esquire interviews Rosie Huntington Whitely which is where I learned that Eve Ensler was consulted on-set for about a week.

Also, isn’t “Imperator Furiosa” essentially “Commander Mad” ?

How Mad Max: Fury Road Could Become the Most Surprising Feminist Triumph of the Year

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@Donald_Petersen - are you aware of the updates in here?

Here’s some J.G. Ballard quotes on the Mad Max flix.

“Mad Max 2 is by far the best of the Mad Max series. With its insane vehicles and fearful body-armour, it is a vision of Armageddon as autogeddon. Mad Max 2 is punk’s Sistine Chapel.”
Quoted in ‘J.G. Ballard’s Top Ten Science Fiction Films’, The Independent, 25 May, 2005.


“Mad Max 2 doesn’t hold up on the small screen. It needs the big screen. I saw clips on TV before I saw it in the cinema, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, it’s just a lot of trucks plunging around.’ When I saw it in the cinema it just overwhelmed me… I have seen it recently; in fact, someone gave me the three videos, the first, the second and the Thunderdome one, which was a big disappointment, and I have watched it again. I think it’s an amazing film, a genuine small masterpiece in its way. Some films just demand the big screen, really; they lose everything on TV.”
Ballard, interviewed by David Pringle, published in SFX #9, Feb 1996.


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This is for real: Men’s rights activists call for boycott of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ citing feminist agenda

Worried that I was falling for some hoax-joke that other outlets fell for, I did some investigative reports (bing).

Holy crap, he’s for realz:

My Response to the “Fury” Over “Mad Max: Feminist Road”

However, despite the hubbub and drama, I am rapidly being proven right. The movie is increasingly looking like a feminist film, and so to (if you’ll forgive the term) “raise awareness” to this fact I started a hashtag on twitter that I hope catches on. #madmaxfeministroad Hopefully, (unless the movie proves otherwise) we can save a lot of people a lot of money and a lot of time, and again, I am more than happy to watch the movie if it proves NOT to have a lecture on feminism or SJWing, etc. in it.

(I might also add that this is how you handle the liberal media, in case any spineless conservative politicians needed a couple pointers.)

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And yep definitely gonna go see this movie in the theater at full price this weekend instead of waiting for DVD.

My wife has A Thing this weekend, but I got “clearance” months in advance so I could see this in a theatre; sometime next week after the babbies are a-bed.

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And damn it is R, I was thinking yeah take the 13 year old boy and expose him to feminist powered awesomeness but now I feel I should watch it once before taking him.

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Where’s The Donald’s review? (@donald_Petersen)


Trying to find a way to loan Daneel Jr out for an evening this weekend. Already did once so we could go see Jesus & Mary Chain last night.

Used to go to the cinema regularly, have only managed it a handful of times since Jr arrived a couple of years ago, but really want to see this on the big screen.

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Well you can do what MrsTobinL and I did for a bit which is take turns. Which worked out well for us cause we don’t always want to see the same things. Now he is old enough we can leave him be for a few hours while we go out for a movie or such.