Go behind-the-scenes with this Mad Max: Fury Road B-Roll

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Vid linky no worky. For me-y, that is.

And may I say that watching some of the dirt bikers hauling ass through what appears to be silt-like sand made me cringe.

Edit: B/c you care (yes, you), linky worky finey now. It’s really fascinating to see the set-work because before it comes together it looks like barely organized chaos, and man-o-imperator does it come together in this flick.

We saw the movie Friday night and it’s quite a spectacle.
Pretty fun ride, all out action. Also, Charlize Theron is bad ass.


But where are the toys?
From Immortan Joe who could have come straight out of the TMNT cartoons, to the vehicles which look like Chuck Barris designed them while on crank… they could be selling millions.

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Oh, that is excellent stuff. I hope it stays available online.

The production designer was comic book psychedelic vision-merchant Brendan McCarthy.

I’m use there will be a toy range; and surely a fancy range for wealthier collectors from Todd McFarlane’s company.

Seeing actual stunts with a bit of CGI certainly beats any amount of straight CGI.


Even more amazing to me is that nobody was killed in the making of the film. Really just a wonderful mashup of American gun love and Australian car worship (and I stole that from…I think Donald_P from another thread on BB).


This was almost certainly an awful lot safer than being a stunt man on “Mad Max” (the original one). :smiley:

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Did you see how the rig with Max strapped on front had an extra extension for the real stunt driver mounted out the front of that which is definitely just as bad-ass than the real thing!?
Ditto some of those camera rigs.


Loving the camera trucks with the boom arm.
Found this on studiodaily:

“Dean Bailey outfitted the production with two offroad racing trucks—one for the main unit and one for the
action unit—sporting roof-mounted, gyro-stabilized, 24-foot camera cranes that could rotate through 360 degrees of motion. George Miller directed scenes from inside the camera car—actually a 5.6-litre Toyota Tundra with desert tires—watching the action on split video monitors.”

sweet as

and little more digging brought me this:


Between those camera rigs and the warboys swinging to-and-fro on (what I imagine to be) really really long driveshafts counterbalanced by engine blocks, I was fairly mesmerized from the title screen to the closing credits.

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Ain’t engineering great?! Those camera cars are as crazy at the Warboys’ vehicles.

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