Model rockets rule!


Here’s a model that’s actually designed to fly:

Lego's new Saturn V/Apollo Mission model rocket set

That’s not a model…

THIS is a model. :slight_smile:


You just became stereotypically Australian to me for a moment.



At uni we had this so-called Super Senior, that is, he had been there 7 years and, back then, was still w/o his BS. (Very bright… but unfocussed and easily distracted.) Being serious about his model rocketry hobby, he experimented with ways to space his Estes stages as far apart as possible and still have one engine ignite the one above it, and that, eventually, by having one engine ‘talk’ to the other via a metal tube. He tried different tube lengths, outer diameters, wall thicknesses, and materials. (This was all pre-Taguchi, so his experiments were not the most efficient or cost effective.) I don’t recall what optimal tubing he ended up with, but his experiments go written up in a NASA report! Pretty good for any student, much less a Super Senior.


That stuff is all so very awesome to me. I’ve owned model rockets but never launched them (boo massive urban centres), and I have nothing but respect for those that do. The law here about the really big model engines totally promotes that sort of dedication, too - if you want a license for the serious engines, you need to show a dedicated plan to a group of other rocketry fans and get their approval first.

It’s a club I’d love to be in but know I’d never muster the dedication needed to do so.

But this lego kit? This lego kit I can do. :slight_smile:


You may eventually, so, if you do, know that the ‘safety key’ (used to isolate the power from the main engine) does NOT work 100% of the time (as I personally know… the hard way), and an inadvertent launch can take place while people are still standing around the rocket (or standing OVER the rocket… as I was that one time).


I’ve kept under the club limit to date but I’ve now hit that point where if I want to do anything bigger, I’ll have to join a club. My introverted ways vs a desire to build bigger rockets - we’ll see which wins.


Just beyond awesome. Seriously. Best of luck. And post your exploits here!


Thanks! [quote=“orenwolf, post:24, topic:100041”]
And post your exploits here!

Well, if you insist! :wink:


So, how long does a build like that take?

And yes, I totally spun this off because it deserves its’ own topic :slight_smile:



Haha! See, that’s why I love you folks! Thanks for this, I’m absolutely trying this next time I’m up at the parents (who have a backyard big enough for these little guys).


The orange one was two half days over a weekend for the build plus extra for the painting. I’m sure it would take less time if you didn’t have to wait for a clear, wind-free day to paint outside!

(Damn, I posted this as a reply to myself and now have to add extraneous text to make it different enough to post correctly)


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