Moderna's cancer vaccine shows incredible promise

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It’ll be interesting to see how the anti-vax geniuses will react when offered this as a part of their own personal cancer recovery. After all, it’s the same technology as the COVID-19 vaccine, right down to the exact same 5G wireless tracking chips that defraud the voting machines.

Surely an improvement in their own cancer outcomes won’t be enough to sway their core principles and faith. Especially when Doing Your Own Research proves that fish tank pills and Mr.Clean enemas are more healthy and natural.


i’d say their reaction will depend upon what they’re repeatedly told in their anti-reality bubble o’ grift, (e.g. fox"news", and/or sellers of horse-dewormer).

Related friend of a friend quote: “So I asked her [a resolute covid antivaxer] if she got the flu shot, and she said ‘Of course! I get a flu shot every year! it’s just vaccinations I avoid!’” …sigh


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It’ll be great when it can be used for prevention and not just treatment!


My level of care for science deniers is at this point zero to negative. They cause enough problems for the rest of us that trying to convince them is no longer worth the effort.


Agreed, but I’m sure the science deniers will prevent it from being used widely somehow (see: HPV vaccine)


This is good news.
A friend of mine lost his wife earlier this year to melanoma. Her story is below. We all went to HS together.

She had a blue mark on her arm since childhood, always thought she had been stabbed with a pencil or something.

In 2016 a bump formed under it so she decided to have it removed only to find out that it was a rare Blue Nevus Melanoma. This began her journey of being diagnosed with Stage 2B Melanoma.

Complete removal of the small tumor was next, but this involved a wide excision to ensure everything was removed. It looked like a shark took a bite out of her arm. She then began an aggressive monitoring program with UCSF to try and catch any metastasizes as soon as possible. UCSF warned that this could be an aggressive form of melanoma, catching it early was important.

Her last annual scan was in 2019 which was completely clear. Her October 2020 annual scan was denied by insurance due to the initial staging of her cancer. Insurance companies can really suck sometimes.

In November 2020 she developed abdominal pains. After an abdominal ultrasound she learned that the melanoma had metastasized to her liver. Due to the number of tumor masses, some quite large, it was deemed inoperable.

She began immunotherapy, but it did not work. She then began a clinical trial at UCLA, but ultimately that did not work either.


This sounds like another excellent medical development! I’m having high hopes of other new vaccine breakthroughs with mRNA technology.

Also, we can all agree: fuck cancer!


It is exciting! The efficacy might be inflated, but even then, that’s good. Anything that reduces cancer recurrence will be of huge benefit to so many people


Deleted 'cuz I don’t need to pile on. Enough people are making my point already.

ETA: On second thought, having read the thread, you can add my voice to “please fuck right off with your victim-blaming bullshit.”


Oh, was in fun, but very true, loads of things people are freaking out about recently, the real subject matter experts have been yelling about for years…
Pandemics, our terrible dependence on very few antibiotics, what fascism looked like when it happened the first time, what exactly left the middle east and africa in the mess it is now, climate change, etc etc


Colin Jost Shrug GIF by Saturday Night Live

But we all know those “experts” are just libural elites seeking to create a cultural marxist dystopia, with clean air, equity, access to health care, education for all, among other evils! /s


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