Modernist homes get a Thomas Kinkade-style makeover


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For reference, the first one appears to be Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House. Mies van der Rohe himself wasn’t averse to some romantic renderings, in his own way.

(that’s a drawing for the Resor house, an unbuilt prototype for the Farnsworth house)


In what sense of the word “drawing?” For that matter, what does “for” mean here?


In architecture talk, “drawing” is the umbrella term for pretty much any sort of picture, and sometimes even models. I guess you could call this a photomontage, but why get bogged down.

In context, “for” means “created as part of the design process for”.


Those colors would render Bob Ross snow blind.


(the wishing well is a nice touch!)

Note also the lantern posts on the Farnsworth House and Gehryhaus paintings and the neon cross on top of Corbhouse. This guy truly knows how to give modernists that queasy feeling.


In my experience it’s the Unitarians. They are drawn to the modernist lifestyle. As for the Kinkade-style makeover I think that they would approve as most of them seem to look at life thru rose colored glasses that greatly enhance azealeas, dogwoods and daucus carota. I think that they would be just ok with the queasy.

Except for the wishing well. One would never be approved by a modernist HOA.


Not Corb, though. The very existence of living mammals in that painting would have offended him.


Nope, even with irony inserted, still creepy as fuck.




Okay, Now do the Manhattan skyline.


A number of those properties look to be at high risk of flooding.

People can’t just build houses wherever they want :roll_eyes:


There’s a wishing well on the playa!


There goes the neighborhood.


They look better than the original Kinkades because they don’t have that “OMG the cottage is on fire!” interior illumination.

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