Mondo 2000, influential 90s cyberculture magazine, returns online

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I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, I loved the magazine back in the day, but you can’t really go back, can you?

(While I enjoyed a lot of the content, most of the ads were always trying to hawk nootropic supplements, which seemed kind of dodgy to me. Mostly 21st century snake oil.)


RU Sirius. Once a bullshit artist, always a bullshit artist.

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Glad to see Mondo go digital. You can’t bring gems like this to life in print


The thing about weirdness is that weirdness can only be weird if it is in short supply. The real-life information revolution didn’t make anything cooler. It made everything equally mundane.

The bright shiny future of drugs, freedom, and wearable computers turned out to be President Trump high on coke tweeting at three in the morning.

Dystopia? Check.
Cyberpunk? As fuck.
Cool? Not in any way shape or form.


Well said. That quote was for the OLD Mondo. So far, the new Mondo has been far more sober and questioning of many of the things that it championed in the 90s.

As I said at the end of the piece, it’ll be interesting to see how Mondo/RU’s editorial sensibilities interpret the (not fun) high-weirdness of our current reality. MAGA 2000.

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This takes me back…I think boing boing was a print publication, too, the last time I saw it…have they made a That 90s Show, yet?

I used to listen RU Sirius’s podcast, too, back in the day, too…

Well, there’s one thing in the current, dystopian future that we live in that they embrace: the marketer’s discomfort with privacy (i.e., browsing incognito):

At least they let you into the site, but… disappointing.


It runs client side.

I am one of the web managers on the Mondo site, and the social plugin we were using was causing this issue. We have removed it.


Thank you!


Same here. At the time of the magazine the signal to stoned hippie bullshit ratio was about 98 to 2 but it was still worth looking at somehow.

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