R.U. Sirius shares the dirt on the triumphs and excesses of Mondo 2000


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That was one long-ass winding sentence in the excerpt. I feel like I have a contact high now.

This makes me think of my buddy Vic. His dad was an engineer so there was always computers in his home, he was the first true digital native I knew. We met via the pursuit of mental exploration. Mondo 2000 was a perfect fit for him and he already had the book when I met him in 1994, which I devoured in one sitting in his dorm room in between righteous bong hits. We were slightly younger than the Mondo crowd, but Vic was definitely one of “them;” although in East Tennessee there was really no scene for him to plug into like the Bay’s fortuitous convergence of Sillicon Valley and it’s bastion of psychedelia and the emergent rave scene. He made do with us general weirdos, but he could see things about the digital age nobody else I knew could.

EDIT: I met him in 1994, not 2004! way different. reading “Mondo 2000” over and over threw me off.

MONDO and boing boing were basically the two zines that ravaged my mind into the thing it is today. Thanks, ya’ll! I had the pleasure of interviewing RU Sirius many years ago (1996 maybe?) for a electronic dance music/rave culture zine that I wrote for out of Baltimore called Activated. What fun!

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