Monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean bites makeup artist's ear


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That’s not half as bad as what the monkey allegedly bit in Carl Hiaasen’s Bad Monkey.


Monkeys don’t like when humans make them pets…


That’s what they get for not ponying up for Crystal’s salary…


Came here to make a Bad Monkey reference. Both disappointed and gratified that someone beat me to it.


well, of course – IT’S A MONKEY. biting and being generally evil is what they DO.


Worst part is it’s a cursed monkey. If you shoot it, you can’t kill it.



“Never work with children or animals.”
—W.C. Fields


@monkeyoh - care to weigh in?

Or do you just want to bite everybody and fling poo?


At least she wasn’t bitten by a human centipede; their saliva is nasty.




i rest my case. :o)


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