"Monster Imagery Taught Me I Was a Monster": Riva Lehrer on Beauty, Deformity, Disability

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…the well-known quote from the Roman playwright Terence…

Really? This was part of your middle school curriculum?

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If you had signed up for Latin, then probably yes. Although usually in high school.
Source: my big sister. She signed up for Latin, I signed up for French because she told me to. Later we agreed that the other way round would have worked much, much better, but whaddaya gonna do.

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I’d say that’s a pretty well known quote, yes.

… she has come to see "disabled bodies as unexpected and charming and exciting. Each one stretched the boundaries of what it meant to be human.

There’s an op-ed by Rebecca Cokley that resonates with this idea.

It takes a strong, independent mind to find beauty in difference, particularly so if the difference is one’s own. I cannot do it for myself; much respect to these humans.

I had two years of Latin, all I remember is Caesar’s Commentary on the Gallic Wars.

…and Winni ille Pu.

All my Latin is from the Asterix comic books, really.


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