"Monster Imagery Taught Me I Was a Monster": Riva Lehrer on Beauty, Deformity, Disability


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…the well-known quote from the Roman playwright Terence…

Really? This was part of your middle school curriculum?


If you had signed up for Latin, then probably yes. Although usually in high school.
Source: my big sister. She signed up for Latin, I signed up for French because she told me to. Later we agreed that the other way round would have worked much, much better, but whaddaya gonna do.


I’d say that’s a pretty well known quote, yes.


… she has come to see "disabled bodies as unexpected and charming and exciting. Each one stretched the boundaries of what it meant to be human.

There’s an op-ed by Rebecca Cokley that resonates with this idea.

It takes a strong, independent mind to find beauty in difference, particularly so if the difference is one’s own. I cannot do it for myself; much respect to these humans.


I had two years of Latin, all I remember is Caesar’s Commentary on the Gallic Wars.

…and Winni ille Pu.


All my Latin is from the Asterix comic books, really.

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