Moral panic: Japanese girls risk fingerprint theft by making peace-signs in photographs


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So remember, don’t take a print of something usually seen in public.


Solution, do the peace signs backwards.


“b) an existential risk to the human species (as in, “Why do these stupid girls insist upon showing the whole world their naked fingertips? Slatterns!”)”

I would’ve gone with the existential risk being tied to the human tendancy to exploit innocence or innocent behavior.* To-may-to / to-mah-to?

  • though yes, I see the humor.


Don’t let them see your irises either! Close your eyes, you floozies!


Check out the wily girl in the middle. Japan’s next James Bond.


And democracy is a lousy system, it’s just less bad than all the alternatives. In the real world of ordinary non-nerd people, authenticating with a fingerprint is a better alternative than trying to force people to practice proper password security.


Everyone, let’s start wearing sleek, form fitting gloves! And capes! Ok, are we cool? Can we make this a thing?


On masks: “… they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”


Ooh, fedoras too! Because… umm… eventually they’ll make a biometric system that reads your male pattern baldness?


Since Japanese newspapers tend to disapear article quickly, here is the full text in Japanese from the source


「ピースサインは危険!!」 3メートル離れて撮影でも読み取り可能




Screenshot of the above in the original article:

Worth noting that Sankei Shinbun is a major national paper here in Japan but more worth noting that Japanese reporters are not in the habit of fact checking in the way Western readers expect. The article does not in fact provide any details, just the claim.

Looking through Prof Ichizen’s Japanese home page, there are no publications relating to this. None of his work seems really related either. Searching on his name from the NII home page does not seem to lead to anything related.

This may in fact be bullshit. @doctorow didn’t you just post this article on detecting bullshit?

As a side note, even someone who reads no Japanese at all could have done the checking I did using nothing more than Wikipedia and Google Translate.

Um… one Sankei article which resulted in an AFP news feed isnt very much attention.

Not in the original article which says nothing at all about women young or old. Nor the AFP sourced article either. Seems to me you just decided to editorialize on your own. You are aware that the peace sign in photos is common to men and women here arent you?

EDIT: Methinkst you are trying to create a “moral panic” where one does not actually exist.


OH, I thought I was pushing it with a Fedora request, but yes! Top it off with a Fedora or slouch hat, and I would be cool.

Also, I own two capes and they need more use.


I would be down with increased wearing of capes and gloves. I’m not so fond of hats, but I’ve wanted to bring back snoods for a long time.


You really missed the point. It is NOT worse than username/password authentication, and certainly MUCH worse than TFA. ANY authentication system with credentials that cannot be changed/renewed are inherently devastating when compromised for that reason. You cannot change your biometrics, therefor, if someone gets a copy of your fingerprints (trivial to do), you are FOREVER COMPROMISED.

If someone has stolen your phone, and you used fingerprint to unlock it, you gave them your fingerprints on your phone, most likely. You gave them the lock, the key, and the data they want, and the machine itself to access more data, quite possibly with the TFA method (text/email) to access yet more data and services.

Biometric security for phones is about the dumbest idea in security I’ve ever heard of - at least fingerprints.


You know, I wonder just how much of the low level stuff could just be automated: water, food, clothing…why not just make a basic standard for everything, and let people deviate as they wish. That way, we can vote about more philosophical stuff, instead of tax hikes and such.


I’m actually surprised no one has mentioned the better solution here: Zentai suits!

Bonus: Zentais are already Big in Japan

Obligatory: Big in Japan


What you describe has a name, it’s called socialism.


There are multiple reasons for not using biometrics, one was stated: That you can’t change it once it’s been obtained by a 3rd party. The other has to do with the law, police can’t compel you give up a password but biometrics are not protected in this fashion.


Do people use their fingers to unlock with? Most that I’ve seen use their thumbs.


Me, too! Snoods!!!