More fun, macabre crafts "From The Mind Of Christine McConnell"

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Thank for the heads up. I like a good crafting video.


Thank you! I’m so glad to see her back at her craft. I loved her Netflix show and the way they mixed in macabre Muppet action and actual plot with her artistry.


Fam Couldn’t get into it. Seems like our jam, but the netflix show seemed long on editing and cutaways, less on showing anything a person watching could actually make. Many skipped steps.

Which with Sedaris, its obvious its not serious going into it, but it was halfway to ostensibly trying to be an actual cooking, crafty show, procedural voicework and all, but intercut with the other rando stuff. Kind of neither here nor there. Very slow. Idk. Ill check it out.


I missed that on Netflix, so I’ll check it out! Sounds right up my alley!

I’ll check out her Youtube series, too!


I loved her photographic work, but didn’t much care for her Netflix series. Her new Youtube shows are great however – I hope it’s a success.

I just want to know how she affords her life.

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So that is what it is. It was being recommended to me and I was not sure what kind of content it was supposed from the thumbnail/name.

I love her art, and I really wanted to like her Netflix show, but damn - those serial killer muppets she was hanging out with were seriously unappealing.
The whole show had a real tonal problem wich in my opinion made it cringy and near unwatchable. I understand that the writers were probably going for a quirky Addams Family-vibe, but they landed themselves straight in Devils Rejects-nihilism territory instead. I can’t believe that was on purpose.
If her new show does away with Rose and Rankle, everybody wins.

It took me a few episodes to get into the Netflix show - I think the problem was that they weren’t quite sure if the audience was weird 11-year-olds, Gothy Pinterest people, or the kind of people who really want the Addams Family life, so they tried to do it all.
I just kept watching for the crafts, hoping the neighbors would rise up and kill the puppets.


I think this is the best description of the show. The folks who ended up really digging it were a very tiny subset of weird people: the kind of person who really enjoys crafting and learning new techniques, doesn’t think puppets are just for kids’ shows, and appreciate macabre Addams Family / Elvira style humor. Happily I’m all three of those things. But I can completely see why Pinterest types might have been weirded out by gross-out puppet jokes and why 11-year-olds there for the gross-out puppet stuff would be bored by the crafting/cooking.


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