Keeping it light -- what TV shows do you find unwatchable?

What TV shows do your loved ones enjoy that you find unwatchable? I would ditch my TV for good if someone offered me a nickel to do so. So my list is long but at the top are … Everything on Disney Channel, Ellen (80% of the show is the audience screaming like banshees), endless CNN commentary/speculative “what does this mean” and “what happens next” coverage (if they are actually reporting on stuff I can stomach it), Gilmore Girls (Lauren Graham is easy on the eyes but crazy annoying character on that show), Jimmy “Human Golden Retriever” Fallon (shit got old real quick), and what might be the most overly dramatic and predictable drama … E.R.


Ain’t got none. I’ll watch just about any old shit. :slight_smile:

Even watched Benny Hinn by mistake once. That was weird. Spent 20 minutes waiting for a little bald bloke to appear and get his head slapped.


Big Bang Theory.
Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory.


Superjail. Sort of. I am compelled to watch it every time it’s on, but I always feel gross. It’s like, the cheapest animated carnage designed to disgust and amuse.

Much like Drinky Crow.


Rachel Maddow. My dad and his wife watch her religiously and I can’t stand her glib self-righteousness.


Yes TBBT is utterly unwatchable. Only omitted from my list because my spouse agrees. Otherwise she wouldn’t be my spouse


I don’t even own a television :smirk:

No, I just never watch broadcast TV. So much easier to rely on channel Bittorrent.

Saying that, my household watches NCIS which I dislike intensely. If I could, I would punch everyone involved in the show in the face (just once, I’m not a monster).

In fairness, they dislike the Scando-noir that I like watching so it’s probably even (it isn’t)


Also, I can’t watch the local evening news. It’s either saccharine fluffy bullshit, credulous promotion of alternative medical practices, or clickbait.

“Are your children safe in their cribs? This one household product (that every-fucking-one already knows the dangers to) could be putting your family in danger. Tune in at 10”

NO, if it’s really putting people in danger, then you’re irresponsible, KOMO news, for withholding what it actually is in the promo. Otherwise it’s the cheapest of pathos.


Reality TV in general. Except for “Canada’s Worst Driver”.


And of course “Everybody Loves Raymond”


The Office. Both American and UK.

I can’t withstand the cringe-factor. I love little bits and pieces like Jim and Pam, and Creed etc. But Michael Scott is awful and I can’t handle the man-baby he is.


Popular brand of soda is killing locals. We’ll tell you which one at 11. (Something this said on The Simpsons).


I really liked that show, and now it’s like they are phoning it in.

I’m Canadian, and I loved The Murdoch Mysteries until this season when it just lost its touch. It’s like zombies ate the entire show’s brain.


I quit watching both the Simpsons and South Park about four seasons in. I know I watch some foolish television (still hanging on to Walking Dead), but those two started to feel so repetitive.


Yep. Okrent’s Law: “The pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true.”

I like the show when I’m watching occasionally, especially the random Grant Lee Phillips appearances. But if I watch a lot of it, it feels disposable and interchangeable. Basically, it’s a stream of slightly obscure pop culture references shoehorned together to approximate snappy dialogue. This may be an unpopular opinion here, but so be it.

Hate that guy. I don’t watch much of his show, but I hate that guy.

Never seen it. I don’t think I’d like it, but I’ve never seen a single episode.

Blackface for nerds.

I don’t know what that is, but it doesn’t sound like my cup of pruno.

Pretty insufferable. May I add Morning Joe to the list?

Good background noise. Just take your brain out and enjoy the show.

I find it watchable, but only because I don’t care. When I was little I watched it while waiting for my mom to come home from work. I quickly realized it was bullshit.

I don’t watch it. Not interested.

I like this show. The cringe is very much intentional. I can totally relate to it. It’s uncomfortable, but I ride it out. Another show in this category for me is Peep Show.

I’ll add Mad Men to the list. I know I’m supposed to like it, but I don’t. I can’t watch it, for whatever reason. I’ve never made it past the first season.

Also, Fox News, especially Fox Business, especially Maria Bartiromo. That shit is all my parents watch. I fucking hate it, and I hate what it’s done to them.


Superjail is pretty much what you get when you task Adult Swim’s writing staff with “re-imagining Willy Wonka” force feed them PCP then collect their barf:


I was expecting a reality show about supermax prisons. I take it back then. I have no opinion of this show I’ve never seen.


It’s probably the most brutal cartoon I’ve ever seen. It’s 11 minutes an episode, and each episode climaxes with some kind of prison riot with ever more disgusting and painful-looking slaughter. It’s a real tour de force of creatively killing a lot of characters.


Pretty much anything with a laff track. Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, The Great Outdoors. I can’t watch any of them.


Local news is an absolute joke. It’s become, “Let’s troll Twitter to report what you wrote earlier today on your feed,” or “Golly, it’s so hot/cold today!” It’s like being in a kindergarten class where the underlying assumption is the students are unteachable, but can be fooled into thinking they are learning something. It’s nervy to call it “news.”


Having been without TV/Cable for years I am so out of touch… I can talk about unwatchable films if ya like.