Netflix's 'Fuller House' is brilliant


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Interesting range of reactions to this one. The AV Club described the show as “like a porn parody without the porn.”


I summon @Donald_Petersen-⁠mon!


I don’t know about the rest of you, but Bob Saget is near the top of my list of probable “Best People IRL” (along with what’s-his-fizzy-headed-dance’n-with-the-oldies - oh, Richard Simmons!) for being overly selfless with their lives.

Bob for giving up on his dreams for a steady income to help his sister and Richard, well, he was way ahead on the anti-body shaming curve - well before it was cool!


This was a big part of my childhood and in so many ways just resonates with what I think of when I think of 90s sitcoms. It sounds promising in that it makes fun of itself, because in so many ways (I talked about this in a long-lost thread about video games) playing these older themes straight just reminds you of how they don’t hold up well. Far more effective is to highlight how things change and yet stay the same. Will have to give it a viewing.


Good lord, you have a strange relationship with this terrible show.


Funny. I’ve never seen an episode of either show, but my GF grew up in the Bay Area with “Full House”, has loads of nostalgia associated with it, and thinks the new show should DIAF.


You have to use the signal.


Bob Saget was probably my favorite bit of The Aristocrats. I think mostly when he breaks down nearly in laughing tears apologizing to all the Full House / Funniest Home Videos fans then takes a deep breath and proceeds to go down the rabbit hole of offensive even further with glee.


It’s bad. But bad in a way that’s kind of charming.


And Mary Kate has moved on to bigger things. She’s gone back to school.


I am building a geodesic greenhouse this month (not pictured!), they are my favorite kind of Fuller houses.


I never watched this show, but from here it smells like a Brady Bunch reunion.


More like the Real Live Brady Bunch.


This Full House reunion seems ridiculous to me, but I did recently watch all 9 seasons of “Facts of Life” on Netflix so I’m certainly in no position to judge anyone.

Now if only Family Ties was available…


Nothing you can say will get me to watch this show. Nope!

(Sorry @Donald_Petersen!)


That’s the standard shipping signal.

I have a prime account, let’s try that.


I put it as ‘reasons you never actually look back at the thing you’re nostalgic for $500 Alex.’



It’s no Brady Movie, which is what I was hoping for.


I mentioned that earlier in another thread… Are they still a going thing? I saw the touring show way back when WITH DAVY JONES!