The underlying horror of the rebooted Full House


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paging @Donald_Petersen can I look forward to the true horror of the Olsen twins on screen?


The real horror is trying to afford one of those houses. Seriously, one of the least believable aspects of Foul Play was that Goldie Hawn could live there on a librarian’s salary and that’s saying something. And that was in the '70’s!


Wow, the scoring makes a huge difference :-0 And I am somewhat horrified they’ve brought this back.

I know sitcom houses are bigger than real houses, but this seems a bit much. The interior set is like a Tardis on the inside compared to the exterior location shots.


I am not so sure about “the power of music”. For me, the real horor was seeing those doggie claws on the hardwood doors!


First of all, I had to peel myself off the floor. That musical treatment made my day.

And secondly, to answer your question: no.


Somewhat? Like in the novels of Sartre, the very existence of this show is the horror.


I’d rather program in APL than face the horror that is a rebooted Full House. A visitation by the Great Old Ones? A merest trifle on a par with Sunday tea at Aunt Gracie’s by comparison.


The power of music indeed.
Add a little selective editing…


Sons and Daughters, Friends and Neighbors… this show has been my waking nightmare working life for the past six months.

You. Are. Welcome.


Imagine if someone had graded the color of the teaser, too?

hoo-boy, that’d be even more creepy.


If it’s on Netflix and not broadcast TV, does that mean that Bob Saget can work his regular blue routine this time around instead of that squeaky clean OCD character he played originally?

“YOU THINK THAT’S ‘RUDE,’ MICHELLE?? YOU #$#$?! @#!$(% @#$* )%@%! !@#)!$ )(@% UP YOUR #$(**@&$ AND #$&&^(#%)(%*$#!”


I prefer when they go in the opposite direction.


So, did this series deserve a reboot? Was it clever, witty, subversive? Critically acclaimed? For someone who has never seen the show, Why?


I’ve seen the show. It was none of those things.

I can only guess that 90’s nostalgia is the appeal for some. For me, it represents "Peak Laugh-Track’.


Occasionally witty dialogue. Not very clever. Definitely not subversive. Another in a long line-up of paint-by-numbers 90’s sitcom. Even the best 90’s sitcom, Family Matters, doesn’t deserve a reboot. Those shows were okay by the mindless standards of that decade. This has all the hallmarks of a studio exec plumbing a marketing firm to focus group concepts to appeal to older mellenials with dysfunctional families longing for simpler times. The creators of this reboot should be the second against the wall when the revolution comes, right after whatever exec commissioned that Glade Christmas carol to which I was subjected last night when I forgot to skip the YouTube commercial before sitting down on the shitter. @Donald_Petersen will be spared. I’m sure he’s done good work too.


We all have rent/mortgage to pay and sometimes we don’t get a choice on our personal employment hell.


Absolutely. Since he worked on it and that came up in this thread, I just wanted to be clear I wasn’t indicting him. Don’t want Happy Mutants getting hit by friendly snark.


Oh indeed. It isn’t like he’s participating in cult recruitment or ‘obama is a kenyan’ or other actively harmful things. It’s just a show that… just doesn’t really merit a reboot getting one.

I’m glad he has money enough to continue with the whole living and eating thing.


I prefer the Original Original Trailer for the new show: