Buy The Munsters' House


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I gotta dollar!


so - you\d buy that for a dollar?


I was so disappointed the Munsters reboot didn’t happen. The pilot was good.


What’s the opposite of disappointed?

The Addams Family really was much better, and nothing should ever be rebooted. Ever. Even the reboot of Mahou Sensei Negima sucks. Even the 90s Batman. Make up some new shit, Hollywood, we don’t want Smurfs V: Revenge of Papa Smurf.

And the Munsters was just the bargain version Addams Family. But the house is sweet.


but the reboot had Portia de Rosi … And it was right after Better off Ted was cancelled …


Anybody that wants a Polar Lights kit is going to want to put it together. I wish I had room to display it.

@RichardKaufman the ebay link isn’t working.


That alone was enough to sell me on it.


nothing should ever be rebooted.

#Everything is a reboot.


If you want to do this right, paint it yourself, putting in plenty of mildew and stains and GET OUT WEIRDOES graffiti.

Mount on a diorama yard full of dead grass and fallen leaves.

When I was a kid, you could buy a Munsters hip-monster roadster model. They might have shown in in the titles of the show, or maybe I’m imagining that. Not sure if the model was plastic or a Dinky Toy kind of thing.


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The Odd Couple reboot is actually really good.[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:90133”]
the memory of The Munsters is actually better than the TV show was (as opposed to The Addams Family, which is better than you remember).

Very true!


A lot of child stars are done in by drugs and alcohol, but little Paul Ryan hasn’t done too bad for himself, all things considered.


Here I thought this was a Kickstarter campaign for the official BB mansion. A mutant safe house.

Exceed the goals and we can have a gift shop filled with crapgadgets and vaping paraphernalia (that’s great for beginners).


That could be read a few different ways…


Have you seen the real pilot? Butch Patrick was not in it. In fact, it was not a finished thing. It just stopped.


Also had Bryan Fuller, if I recall correctly.

I guess that explains Edie izzard’s place in Hannibal.

I now want a show in the extended Fullerverse.


Also missing from the cast of the pilot is Yvonne DeCarlo, and the wife was named “Phoebe” not “Lilly.”


That was when we were yutes.


How did those two never face off against each other during a Family Feud special? Don’t tell me that early 80s television was above that kind of cheap exploitation of sitcom nostalgia. It was not.