Hand-colorized Munsters credit-roll

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I though that was surprising cool.


Awesome sauce. Marilyn is terrifying!


Was the gentleman paid for these hundreds of 80 hours of painstaking work? If so, I would like to know how that happens.

He’s a professional colorizer, so this was good publicity for him.

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Curiously, the pilot is also in color


Hi Boundegar, I did this video for free. I honestly just really love colorizing pictures/video and I hope to one day work for a color studio.


This is marvy! Any more info on this?

The color pilot was the first version shot by Universal and it was debated whether the show should be in color or black and white. Ultimately, the show would cost an extra $10,000 per episode for color and neither CBS or Universal were willing to pick up the extra cost. Also, Beverley Owen was a studio contract actress living in New York and was told the show wouldn’t sell. She was forced to move to Los Angeles after Universal threatened legal action if she refused the role.

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I always preferred the surreal anarchy of The Addams Family, which, like the best of the classic WB cartoons, worked on several levels at once. The Munsters was just a string of bad monster puns and gags. Besides, the genetics didn’t work. I can see how Grandpa, a vampire, would have a Vampira-like granddaughter, But why would the offspring of her and a Frankenstein’s Monster end up being a… wolf-boy??? Huh?

Ok, so you are prepared to explain the genetics of the hair between Uncle Fester and Cousin It?

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One of my favorite shows growing up.

I disagree, to me the Munsters by far was the better show.

That’s interesting. I always assumed they decided to film the show in black & white because it was more stylistically consistent with the classic horror film genre they were parodying (just like how Mel Brooks shot Young Frankenstein that way 10 years later).

The answer is, there are no genetics between Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt (the correct spelling). Uncle Fester is Morticia’s uncle. Cousin Itt is Gomez’s cousin. So they are only related by marriage.

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I will defend to my last breath, your unassailable right to be completely wrong about this.

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