Netflix's 'Fuller House' is brilliant

I watched the first episode.
Yeah it was corny, there was some bad acting here and there, but Andrea Barber really does a great job playing Kimmy Gibbler grown up, I actually thought she was funny and definitely the most interesting thing about the show. It made me want to give it a chance.

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My wife watched it all, I caught a few here and there as she did.

She liked it, but she also likes Hannah Montana and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I thought it was trying too hard and wasn’t modern enough. I get that it was supposed to be a throwback, but the Disney Channel style acting (something wrong with the new Girl Meets World as well) combined with lame and safe writing just doesn’t do it for me.


Title says “brilliant”, article says otherwise. Sounds like it’s the same bland, mediocre stuff it was back then.

Pilot was decent. I like the references to Full House since I watched some of it. I did not like the new characters nor care. Did the later episodes still do a lot of them?

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Discovering this show is like finding an Irish bar in some far-away city you don’t know–the show offers you a comfortable, familiar spot to sit down and know more or less what you’re gonna get.

I never watched the original, but this description is a sure way to make sure I’ll never watch any of it. “Irish Pubs” are the McDonalds of drinking establishments, and pretty much everything on TV is the McDonalds of TV.


That was, like, four years ago. Is it done yet? (hoping to squeeze a BF joke in there somewhere. never mind.)

Aw, Jesus, Jason. Why you gotta do this to me?


Then you weren’t trying. I found it easy enough to avoid… but then again, to this day I’ve somehow managed to avoid seeing even one episode of Cheers, and I wasn’t even trying to avoid that one.

How could that possibly be “charming”?! Hell, I don’t blame people who thought they enjoyed Full House back in 1987. Most other TV shows were nearly as awful back then. But after the last 15 years of Peak TV, you have absolutely no excuse for wasting a moment of your time in front of this show. Have you not seen Seinfeld? Friends? Will & Grace? The Office? 30 Rock? Modern Family? My Name is Earl? Or, if you demand family-friendliness, any Pixar movie?

I tellya, the cast is hugely talented and is being criminally wasted on this show. Don’t you dare reward this kind of lazy, cynical, lowest-common-denominator writing, this joke-free excuse for comedy. Demand something better, or so help me, like all those goddamned benighted Trump supporters, you’ll find yourself getting the lowest-quality shit there is, and deserving it for not insisting on anything better.


I know someone who went to see his standup act, knowing him only from Full House…


What this needs is Hugh Laurie as Dr. Greg House to move in as the family Dr. Feelgood. He’ll be passing Vicodans around and curing the family’s mysterious diseases.
Also, there needs to be a special guest appearance by Olivier Sarkozy as the creepy super rich reptilian French banker uncle.



No way. I don’t trust Jason’s recommendations ever since he said the pages of The Lost Starship fly by. Pretty much the worst book I ever read.

Maybe Fuller House is the McMansion of TV shows: Sure it’s tacky and nouveau riche, but look at all that living space!


That’s good. Lovely dome-ish structure depicted there!

The images constantly invoked in my mind by the show’s title are reality/documentary style offerings:

  • Either a rustic timberframe home where a family works communally to clean raw wool,
  • Or a DIY homesteading couple living in a home made of rammed fuller’s earth.

I take it you missed the show’s Associate Producer @Donald_Petersen’s super snarky comments just up thread? Personally, I think it would hilarious if this show gets him an Emmy nomination.


This show always struck me as a slightly-more-risque and televised version of Sunday School…that I immediately turned off if it ever came on during my TV time. That show strikes me in much the same way as “Three and a Half Men” does: vapid, cliched, stereotypically corporatified ‘comedy’ that has been reduced to tasteless mush. It’s the six-hour over-boiled oatmeal of the TV sitcom world.

My faith in the world–>RESTORED. Until Heidi Klum declares Trump is her hero. Then the world will be dead to me.


It was terrible and I enjoyed every episode.

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Apparently associate producers can’t win Emmy’s :frowning:


Boo. I wanted to see him on TV, dammit.

@Donald_Petersen: I do hope your current gig is far better fare than this polished turd. That is all.