NBC has cancelled Community


Great show, Losing Troy and Pierce I think made it tough, also they where in community college longer than the 90210 kids where in High School

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I agree about Tory not so much about Peirce. I was hoping that they would do next season as a bizarro where characters based on them start at the school and hilarity ensues.

It’s a shame. I loved it. Dan Harmon is a genius. I’ve followed him since the Channel 101 Yacht Rock days. Rick & Morty is great on Adult Swim. Lots more from him coming up. Here’s my current obsession - a table read of “My Wife Left Me For Bucky Dent” - is it real or not?

I only really got into the show last December. Then I binged on the previous four seasons in preparation for this latest and seeming last one (a Netflix season and movie?!). It made me a laugh a lot. Even the DVD commentary and bonus features were worth the time investment.

I shall look for another foosball table to loiter at now.

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Thanks for the laughs!

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