Alison Brie shares her feelings on the possible Community movie

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I’m a big fan of the show, but wary of a movie, honestly. When you catch lightning in a bottle with a show like that, the “ten years later” movie always ends up a bit disappointing. It’s too many expectations to live up to, I think. The Veronica Mars and Firefly movies both suffered from this. I enjoyed both, but the feeling of the shows was gone. Time passes and you can’t get that back.


I loved Community!

I based a D&D character after Annie and Little Witch Academy. I was going on an adventure during my suspension from school after getting addicted to Wizardall. I went to rehab, got better, and was killing time that summer to go back to school. I was perky to the point of annoyance, which made the horrific things that happened to me even funnier… (My DM usually starts adventures normal, but in the end there is some horrible, dark demonic terror we find corrupting everyone behind the scenes…)

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I loved the show at the time (it was maybe my favorite thing on TV then), though I recently re-watched it (skipping the bad season) on Netflix when it appeared on that service and either it hasn’t aged super well, or my tastes have changed. Still, the core cast are an incredibly talented cast of comedy ringers, and I’d be willing to give the film a shot when it drops.

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Same here. Community is one of my favorite sitcoms and I wouldn’t hesitate to see the movie, but I’m not excited about the possibility like I would have been a few years ago, for the reasons you mention and more. Having watched all 5 seasons many times over, I am satisfied with the way it ended. It felt real, in a certain sense. A group of strangers form a friendship while at school, over time some of those friends move on until eventually your time there comes to an end as well. The show’s setting fit the absurdity of the plot lines. Bringing them back together and maintaining the “thing” that made the show what it was would feel forced.


I’m sort of like, let’s not. Do what made the show good instead.

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