Community: Lava World confronts the imminent departure of Troy Barnes [Recap, season 5 episode 5]


Got to say Jonathan Banks has been a great addition to the show. He looked great on that mobile desk.


I really loved this episode. I might not have laughed out loud much, but I was smiling almost all the way through, and then tearing up at the end.

I liked the innovation of the various ways that they used to move around. There are also a lot of movie and TV references. I caught, Warriors, Alien’s Three and of course Star Wars. I’m sure there were probably Game of Thrones scenes but I do watch that show.

First half of this episode everything that’s great about this show, second half everything that is wrong with this show.

First half of this comment everything’s that’s great about BoingBoing comment threads, second half…eh, never mind.

Fittingly, given the odd serendipity of Community and NBC’s awful comedic slate, there is an off-chance that it’ll get renewed. Miraculously. So waiting for the ‘series finale’ for Jeff to get a vacation might be assuming.

Also, loved this episode. Abed’s not the only one that’s going to miss Troy.


I liked Troy with LeVar at the end, though I was kinda hoping for a sad “Troy and Abed in the Moooorning” without Troy. Ahh well. I’m not sure if I’m liking this season more or less than last season, yet. It’s been a while since I watched the last season.

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