Community: “Analysis Of Cork-Based Networking” [Recap season 5 episode 6]




Alison Brie's delivery of "EVVVVERRYYYTHIINNNGGG" was perfect.


Unfortunately, both Community, and Parks & Rec both featured a "chain of favors" plot, on the same night. It's a well-worn plot device, though I don't think anyone has topped the one MASH did.


you know what Community or Parks & Rec don't have? A planet full of Cronenbergs!

Yeah that right, now go watch Rick and Morty.

Here, I'll even throw in this meaningless promo that will totally misrepresent the show and give you a bad first impression:


I loved the Labyrinth references. If you listen to the Harmontown podcast it adds some perspective on Dan Harmon's checkered relationship with Labyrinth and it's fans.


For those who aren't familiar with the original, I give you Gary Oldman



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