Community: “Analysis Of Cork-Based Networking” [Recap season 5 episode 6]


Alison Brie’s delivery of “EVVVVERRYYYTHIINNNGGG” was perfect.


Unfortunately, both Community, and Parks & Rec both featured a “chain of favors” plot, on the same night. It’s a well-worn plot device, though I don’t think anyone has topped the one MASH did.

you know what Community or Parks & Rec don’t have? A planet full of Cronenbergs!

Yeah that right, now go watch Rick and Morty.

Here, I’ll even throw in this meaningless promo that will totally misrepresent the show and give you a bad first impression:

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I loved the Labyrinth references. If you listen to the Harmontown podcast it adds some perspective on Dan Harmon’s checkered relationship with Labyrinth and it’s fans.

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For those who aren’t familiar with the original, I give you Gary Oldman


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