Against all odds, Community delivers an all-time classic [Recap season 5, episode 4]


Looks like Joel has been hitting the gym lately. Didn’t he play for the Chargers at one point?

Some of the items are tame representations of friendship—the iPod Nano to Britta doesn’t have much significance.

It’s a callback, of course. First season, The Art of Discourse. In the student montage, a pic of Britta has the caption, “Britta Perry: proud owner, used iPod Nano, 2014”


The hilariously dry lady reading the polygraph is Lesley Tsina, who 1) is also the lady who resignedly replies to the camel in the Hump Day commercial and 2) is a college buddy of mine, who was co-president of the science fiction club after me. I played D&D with that judgmental bitch.


I totally missed the connection between Childish Tycoon and Childish Gambino. This episode was immensely enjoyable, and I’m glad that Community is back, even if it is only for 13 episodes.

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It’s amazing how good this show is when it’s just 6-7 people sitting at a table and talking for 20 minutes.

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Where’s Abe Vigoda?

He played tight end for the University of Washington for a bit.

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Is everybody thinking what I’m thinking? Shots!!!


one of the funniest episodes of television related to death I’ve ever seen

Find the Chuckles the Clown episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Truthful statement!

This kind of makes me sad because I feel like the show never spent too much time on Troy. I’ve always wanted to see how Shirley and Troy would play off each other, for example.

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