'Community' knows Jeff Winger’s real age, and knowing is half the battle [TV recap: season 5, episode 11]


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Thety did a great job on this but for the most part it fell flat. They also stole it from Robot Chicken.

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They managed to sneak in a classic AD&D reference, too.


I enjoyed this episode. Not a lot to say that wasn’t already said here or above, but the flashbacks with hospital noises and the coma reminded me of the BBC series Life on Mars. Britta being called “Buzzkill” was great as well.

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Robot Chicken episode had a GI Joe theme like Star Wars? I need to watch that!

I was a fan of (19)80s fan of GI Joe cartoon and am not a Community fan. It was decently funny. I like how they used artifacts and cold commercials to make fun. I was weird to watch and hear it in HD. Heh.

They didn’t do a full episode, but they did multiple shorts and much of this episode was lifted from those. The main one they lifted from was actually He-Man bit.

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Ah OK. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I was wondering about the “Welcome to the Club” note from Pierce.

Did Pierce leave a gift bottle for Jeff, openable on his 40th birthday?

This article can be summed up as “I didn’t get the in-jokes so it was meh”.

I wish somebody would do a better quality remake of this:

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