TV review: 'Community' Season 5 Episode 3, 'Basic Intergluteal Numismatics'


“The Dead asks Abed to try and do that thing…”

That’s one creepy-ass typo.


Oh come on - Extra Credit for Star Burns mocking imitation of Dave Matthews.

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He isn’t exactly Brian the dog, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Star Burns back.

I for one am not too thrilled with killing off Pierce mostly because I fear next weeks will reading will turn into another ‘bequeathing’ episode like we had when he over dosed. I was hoping they would actually play on the trope of recasting like nothing ever happend and bring back in Fred Willard (from AbedTV) and explain it away that Pierce got a bunch of plastic surgery to change his looks and then everyone just accepts it.

This was a review of a sitcom episode. Correct?

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What happened to Jaime’s TV reviews?

You missed Starburns’ closing-credits crowdsourcing pitch — “It’s like being an investor, except you don’t share in any of the profits!”

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Did you complain that Community had metacommentary - do you even watch Community?


Wasn’t the whole thing mostly full of references to “The Killing”?

This was my favourite of the new season so far. Starburns’ crowdsourcing pitch was pretty awesome.

You figured it out!

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