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ugh. Their repartie is so forced, it gave me that embarrassed-for-other-people feeling. Seinfeld especially couldn’t be more phony.

I dunno, I kind of love it. The Larry David episode is absolutely hilarious and really encapsulates the way they communicate together, how observant Larry is in general and how Jerry can take that and make it into a joke.

The Mel Brooks/Carl Reiner episode is just adorable. I love how they just watch stuff on TV together every night. Total bromance.


Also of note- this suspiciously similar UK show, which pre-dates it by a couple of years. If you like one…

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I’ve been loving “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” too.

The shows with Michael Richards and David Letterman are the best, next to the already mentioned Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.

Dave: “Who are these people? Actors? Can we ask them to leave?”
Jerry: “No Dave, we don’t own this place.”
Dave: “We could fix that.”

It occurred to me on that one that they meet up at Dave’s hangar at the nearby airport. We should have had a ride in his private jet.

I figured out that besides the money from Sony/Crackle with the commercials, it helps Jerry write off his cars collection. It didn’t dawn on me until recently that Jerry must own those companies that get credited with supplying the cars.

I like this show. However, I have issues with the editing. It appears to me as if important and interesting things are being edited out in an obvious and clumsy manner. This goes for the whole second season: parts of important and interesting conversations are shown, but only enough to let the viewer know that the viewer is being purposefully excluded.

After the Sarah Silverman episode (I was strong-armed to watch) a few weeks ago, I’ll never inflict myself with another episode. It all looks like one big car commercial, with much automobile fetishism thrown in (“oh, this thing handles so well!”) Plus, there’s witty banter and then there’s fawning, cloying banter which (in this case) shattered any hope that I would like the whole package. Plus plus - - I still can’t get that awful Seinfeld NBC marriage game show out of my head. That show, plus this crummy car/comedian show makes me think that “Seinfeld” (the sit-com) was just a fluke or a lucky aberration of nature


Only one problem; it has Jerry Seinfeld in it.

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They count on the editing. After the coffee Don Rickles says, “Can I trust you take out anything bad I said about anyone?”
Jerry: “You know you can trust me, Don.”

I thought it was pretty funny. And damn, that Miura was sexy!

It feels weird that Jerry Seinfeld is pretty much the same person as the character in his 90s sitcom. I’m struggling to find a human being to relate to here. It feels artificial and forced.

There are these odd little moments, references to “regular people,” “pedestrian cars” and “showbiz tipping.” It’s like a quiet, mildly entertaining version of The Great Gatsby. I really like it.

You really oughta watch the one with Reiner and Brooks. It’s awfully sweet (if you don’t mind watching elderly gentlemen eating off TV trays), and the car (a 1960 Silver Cloud II) gets nothing but richly-deserved abuse.

Strange, I don’t see that awkwardness at all. I see two people who do the same job having some fun talking about what they do. Its like when I talk to other programmers: its not like we’re going to talk about deeply personal things, but we’re going to be really really into talking about programming stuff.

I’m surprised to see all the hate in these comments. Amazingly good show, great format, and I love how casual it is. Most of the car scenes are filmed using 3 GoPros! I hope more deeply talented people get to do fun little no big whoop low budget projects like this. And I hope this way of presenting it, with a couple of tiny little ads, proves sustainable.

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I like the idea of it. I love the way it’s shot. It’s nicely edited. I just find what is coming out of their mouths to be incredibly stilted and forced. Especially Seinfeld’s laugh and general demeanor and mannerism in reaction to Chris. It feels awkward and insincere and made me so uncomfortable I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Maybe the other episodes are better, I’ll have to take your word for it.

Could there be anything worse than watching self-congratulating celebrities “slumming it” in fancy cars and talking about themselves? It’s the ultimate insult to the intelligence of viewers. What’s next? - Seinfeld and celebrities go to their favorite banks and make deposits?


This has become my favorite show. The Joel Hodgson episode is particularly hilarious. It’s such a showcase for the guest each week to show how they are a genuinely funny in as mundane a situation as getting coffee with another person. Other great moments: Ricky Gervais getting genuinely terrified riding in the Austin Healey, and Colin Quinn, “I hear Downtown [sic] Abbey’s pretty good.”

I much prefer Carpool. It’s far more spontaneous and the guests are more interesting. Seinfeld comes across as so insincere.

What always gets me is, none of the customers in the diner/restaurant even LOOK at Jerry and his guest. Oh, come on !

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Thank you for mentionning Carpool, someone have to let Robert Llewellyn know he’s been plagiarized !