Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld reunite on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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these are painful to watch. so forced, so smug, so contrived, so LA.


Cool texture on Julia’s jacket, I like it, what’s that about? Haven’t seen that before.

I started watching the one with Patton Oswalt and couldn’t turn it off quickly enough. Were they trying to be funny?

Yes. Too hard.

I’ve only watched a handful of these… Maybe the Letterman one, and the Stern one. I found both of those enjoyable enough, but I don’t remember trying to do the Top Gear schtick at the beginning of those ones.

That brought back good memories. It was like a high school reunion, except with people you like.

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Is he wearing his seatbelt around his waist?
That’s gonna hurt when shit goes down.

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Mmmm, astroturf.

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I liked the Larry David one.

I don’t get it, what does that mean? I know ‘astroturf’ is fake grass, so I think you are calling me or my post fake in some way. Are you saying I didn’t actually like the video? or I actually liked my high school reunion? it was a joke and you make no sense.

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