This Seinfeld/Pulp Fiction DeepFake is a little too good

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Yeah, mashups are gonna get weird fast.




Sound on or the joke is lost.

These Seinfeld/Twin Peaks mashups have been making the rounds lately.


Wow, that looked pretty seamless. It probably helps that the original actor had similar hair and build to Seinfeld and didn’t have much dialog. But the multiple angles and facial expressions really sold this as actual footage. Didn’t notice any obvious tells–the lighting seemed consistent and the face didn’t float or distort. Maybe on a larger screen I’d pick up on something being off, but it probably won’t be long before no artifacts are detectible by human eyes.


Nice. I think if they had Cramer and the fat guy from downstairs as Travolta and Jackson, it would have been better even.

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All sorts of weird Seinfeld/neural network stuff going on, such as the fully AI-generated 24/7 video stream of this barely disguised Seinfeld knock-off:

It’s kind of fascinating in how all the elements of the show get randomly assembled and every so often are actually humorous, but in a totally surreal way.


Actually, no. I have never watched Pulp Fiction and only watched part of one Seinfeld episode. Maybe I’m an outlier.


I can’t view this mashup from your post, but I’d sure like to!

This person is on TikTok as “seinpeaks”, looks like some of the mashups/hommages appear on their other social media accounts.


Thank you! That one was just as creepy and silly as I’d hoped.
ETA: As is the Laura Palmer/Jerry Seinfeld mashup photo on the account!

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You know, I hated Seinfeld, but because of the way TV worked in the dark ages of long ago, I probably watched most of the series on rerun while waiting for ST:TNG to come on in the early evenings after work.

This would have been a great ending for the series.

Hmm. I’d debate that a little. Pulp Fiction was released in 1994? I guess it depends on what you consider “the internet,” but many of us were at least on Usenet long before then. (Reminder: the internet is more than the WWW.)


But not a lone outlier, not even for the combination together.

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I can’t wait for a super-intelligent A.I. to create a show that is really, truly about nothing.

A show so entirely about nothing, that viewers will scarcely perceive it and remember nothing afterwards. So empty of meaning, knowledge is absorbed out of the mind trying to consume it, leaving the gray nothingness of a shaken Etch-a-Sketch.


So, Friends?


It would be even funnier if they played the whole thing off like a Seinfeld bit, with Kramer as Jules and George as Brett:

Kramer: “What you got there, George? Is that one of them Big Kahuna burgers?”

George: “Uh, yeah.”

K: (smacks hands together) “I knew it! I’ve been meaning try one of these. You don’t mind if I have a bite, do you there, George?”

G: “Go ahead, be my guest.”

K: (Takes a bite and spasms) “Wow! That IS a tasty burger!”

Well, huh. I just did a “where are they now” google search, and the person who played The Fourth Man was a trans actress who died in 2016 due to HIV complications :frowning:


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