Sassy Justice with Fred Sassy: a terrific deepfake satire show

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Peter Serafinowicz started sassy Trump years ago this is just the logical conclusion (likely) with Matt and Trey’s help.


That was the best deepfake (the Trump bits, anyways) I’ve seen yet. Disconcertingly so. It helped that they didn’t try to do his hair, which is in the uncanny valley already. It fell apart slightly when they tried to do a “full Trump”

Is it satire, though? If it is, I’m not sure who the targets are - certainly not Trump, himself. It’s more a surreal musing taking the piss out of deepfakes (while, ironically[?] being one of the best deepfakes made).

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This is the kind of joke you have to laugh at until you break down in tears knowing that it’s going to destroy our entire society all forever and ever.


It’s funny because they sound gay. :woman_shrugging:


The production quality of this is way to high for Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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I didn’t think they could make Zuckerberg any creepier but here we are. It’s like they didn’t have enough data points to show a range of emotion so were forced to use ‘replicant’.

I think it’s due to the fact that real-life Zuckerberg already lives in the uncanny valley. This deepfake just happens to do an excellent job of replicating his dead eyes.

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