Seinfeld takes Obama for a spin in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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That was pretty epic. But i guess they were really not allowed to leave the compound?

This is actually a great show. I’ve watched a few episodes and it’s pretty funny. I’ll have to watch this one when I get home tonight (Crackle doesn’t work on my work machine due to admin restrictions).

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How could Obama top Super Dave Osborne’s appearance with Jerry?

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Well, I mean they could do that, but they’d need to organise a motorcade and require that bullet proof car. But it is a gag in that they both knew that.

  1. The Presidency is just some pre-scripted fakery
  2. Super Dave Osborne is real

I used to watch Super DAve on this show called “Bizarre”.

I remember the program because there were boobs. I remember Super Dave for being pretty funny at the time, but the schtick wouldn’t fly today as it was heavy with racial commentary and. unsurprising on a titty show, heavy sexism.

I get that it was a bit, but those bits don’t really work anymore.

I honestly didn’t think this was a good episode. I get that you can’t joke with the President like you can with Tim Allen or whom ever, but maybe don’t do the show then. This was vanity casting for Jerry.

The only thing that really struck me was how little interior room there is in The Beast. That armor must be insanely thick. I wager it weighs more than the 5 tons stated.

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My favorite is George Costanza. But in terms of repartee, Joel Hodgeson is pretty good.

I disagree with many of Barack Obama’s policies even though I voted for him, like the fact that the NSA obtained these words before anyone reading BoingBoing did, but he sure is cool.

As for comparing this episode with others, it’s like True Detective: people rave about the first season but I didn’t see it and I loved the season I did watch.

I love that guy. When Einstein was playing Marty Funkhouser on Curb Your Enthusiasm, he was hilarious.
In fact, speaking of Seinfeld -

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