Nothing: Seinfeld supercut with no people




Now i’m left thinking, “did music in the 90s emulate seinfeld, or did seinfeld emulate music in the 90s?”


Without a doubt, THE best episode of Seinfeld I’ve ever seen.

The Only Person In The World That Loathed “Seinfeld”


Like the ending of an Antonioni film.


What happened to Monica Vitti?


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Jerry, close the bathroom door, already!


… and a perfect illustration of why I’m The Only Person In The World That Loathed “Seinfeld”. The watercooler catchphrase. Which I guess there’s really “not…anything wrong with”. People everywhere did them then, years before then, and to this day.

Just not “my cup of meat”, to quote Dylan.


Not everyone enjoys schadenfreude in excess. I couldn’t stand Curb Your Enthusiasm either.


I wonder why the bicycle was hung in different places.


You probably didn’t like The English Patient either, eh?


Around 4 minutes in it gets creepy.


I used to hate being prompted by canned laughter. Now I hate being prompted by canned funky-bass.


I thought everyone knew that it wasn’t a show about nothing? Jerry Seinfeld addressed this himself on the Reddit AMA that he did recently.

I suppose the joke is that what most people perceive as “nothing” is actually “life”. Waiting for things to happen, making plans and watching them go awry, irritation with/ignorance of/deliberate contravention of societal expectations and norms, etc. Obviously it’s a show and unrealistic/wacky things happen, but I think it is difficult it was about nothing …or if it is about nothing, so is every other sitcom (and a lot of other stuff besides).

Kramer to George: “You’re wasting your life.”
George to Kramer: “What you call wasting I call living!”


Actually a keyboard doing the work.


I assure you that you are not alone there.


A decent read that.


If you take notes while watching the first half-dozen/ten episodes - where Jerry and George are writing the script for their pilot - you’ll see that what they’re writing is the script of the first episode.


Needs more Garfield.


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