Nothing: Seinfeld supercut with no people


Now i’m left thinking, “did music in the 90s emulate seinfeld, or did seinfeld emulate music in the 90s?”


Without a doubt, THE best episode of Seinfeld I’ve ever seen.

The Only Person In The World That Loathed “Seinfeld”


Like the ending of an Antonioni film.

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What happened to Monica Vitti?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Jerry, close the bathroom door, already!

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… and a perfect illustration of why I’m The Only Person In The World That Loathed “Seinfeld”. The watercooler catchphrase. Which I guess there’s really “not…anything wrong with”. People everywhere did them then, years before then, and to this day.

Just not “my cup of meat”, to quote Dylan.

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Not everyone enjoys schadenfreude in excess. I couldn’t stand Curb Your Enthusiasm either.

I wonder why the bicycle was hung in different places.

You probably didn’t like The English Patient either, eh?

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Around 4 minutes in it gets creepy.

I used to hate being prompted by canned laughter. Now I hate being prompted by canned funky-bass.

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I thought everyone knew that it wasn’t a show about nothing? Jerry Seinfeld addressed this himself on the Reddit AMA that he did recently.

I suppose the joke is that what most people perceive as “nothing” is actually “life”. Waiting for things to happen, making plans and watching them go awry, irritation with/ignorance of/deliberate contravention of societal expectations and norms, etc. Obviously it’s a show and unrealistic/wacky things happen, but I think it is difficult it was about nothing …or if it is about nothing, so is every other sitcom (and a lot of other stuff besides).

Kramer to George: “You’re wasting your life.”
George to Kramer: “What you call wasting I call living!”

Actually a keyboard doing the work.

I assure you that you are not alone there.

A decent read that.

If you take notes while watching the first half-dozen/ten episodes - where Jerry and George are writing the script for their pilot - you’ll see that what they’re writing is the script of the first episode.

Needs more Garfield.

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