"Punk Rock Seinfeld" asks: What's the deal with dumpster diving?

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So, Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms / Nihilist Arby’s? Neat.


It’s a show about nothingness.


Fact check: The only time Seinfeld used the whole “what’s the deal with…” schtick was for the specific purpose of parodying bad observational comedy. It was never a bit of his.


Kramer as a crust punk feels right to me. So does the George wanting to be specific things like an Incel or an Edgelord. I’m not sure the rest of it holds together quite as much.


I’m entirely too young and too American to ask this, but…have they just reinvented “The Young Ones”?


I was gonna say!

It’d never be as fun and wonderful.


I feel like MGTOW would be a better fit for George.

Every time? Beats me. I’ll take the compiler’s word.

I’ll save you the video. I never said he didn’t use that phrase, just that it wasn’t a “bit” and was generally used as satire of hack comedy.


my hastily googled youtube compilation doesn’t include the finale–

So, what’s the deal with the yard? I mean, when I was a kid my mother wanted me to play in the yard. But of course she didn’t have to worry about my next door neighbor Tommy sticking a shiv in my thigh. And what’s with the lockdown? Why do we have to be locked in our cells? Are we that bad that we have to be sent to prison, in prison?

which is probably what helped firmly associate the phrase with Seinfeld.

I have that Crass album. Is it valuable? Will it find my retirement. Please let me know.

I’m no expert, but the impression I got was that MGTOW have the same gripes as incels, but coated in the thinnest veneer of I don’t care/those grapes were sour anyway.

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