Watch Jerry Seinfeld do stand-up on The Late Show last night


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I’ve seen him twice live. Funny guy, though I was disappointed that his routine was basically the same in both shows over a year apart.


I saw his standup routine in the 90’s and it was great. My favorite moment came in his response to a heckler. At the time, it was all over the news that Jerry was dating a 17 year old. Anyway, during the routine some guy shouted out “Seventeen year old girlfriend!” Jerry looked at the guy and said “What, you have one too?”


I get the impression he hasn’t updated his material much lately. This entire Late Show routine could have been lifted verbatim from the early 1980s if not for the passing reference to “robot vacuum cleaners.”

TV dinners? TOPICAL! (In fact the “Hungry Man” line hasn’t been part of the Swanson brand for at least seven years, but that “Swan Song” joke wouldn’t work with “Pinnacle Foods.”)


Man, Seinfeld is the least funniest person alive. The absolute least. That said, the show was brilliant, and awesome, because he didn’t need to be funny, because he was essentially the straight man to people who were funny, under the guidance of someone who is genuinely hilarious (Larry David). That’s Seinfeld’s big prank on everyone: never, ever, ever funny. Even the excellent Comedians Getting Coffee in Cars, or whatever, that’s great because, again, he surrounds himself with funny people. Smart guy, great talent evaluator, not funny in the slightest. Painful. Dad jokes taken to the dad jokiest extreme. Dull.


I feel like I’m being judged for my enthusiasm for buffets.

/Also: Starches at a buffet is pure amateur-hour. You load up on the prawns and bacon. The only exception is if the have petit fours. That’s the strategy for getting your money’s worth.


His millions of fans and net worth of $820 million refutes your statement.



No accounting for taste.


I suggest starting a new topic, “Share your unpopular comedy opinions”, otherwise this whole comment thread could spiral out of control!


Jerry Seinfeld does 5 minutes of hilarious stand-up last night…

are you sure you embedded the right video?


Wouldn’t it? It would only take some tweaking to say that if this is the Pinnacle of your life you might as well kill yourself now.


I remember this act, but had forgotten about the gross ching-chang crap at the end.

But it did remind me that prime-rib should be on my list of things you should eat at a buffet.


Jerry Seinfeld should join Nickelback as their new drummer, and then we should all go see them give a really long, expensive concert.



Jerry the 80’s called and it wants your act back. (And yes even that line is dated)

He just seems to be trying too hard. Like blowing too hard into a breath pressure monitor and coughing at the end. There is an expiration date on shtick.


So, what’s the deal with airline food hey!? Am I right!?


Humor is subjective?


Isn’t airline food the original airborne terrorism?


It’s hilarious how people now complain about airline service, that now they charge for food! The food used to come with the flight! Greedy corporations! Conveniently forgetting that the food was completely inedible and making fun of it was a national pastime. Good riddance.


Leaving the swan song pun 'till the end demonstrates both a deep appreciation for idiom and the likeliness that even Colbert’s wonky audience won’t recognize the reference. So yeah, probably part of why the dude’s an almost billionaire.