Watch Jerry Seinfeld do stand-up on The Late Show last night


I have friends who are rabid fans of Jeff Dunham and walk around with “I KEEL YOU!” shirts featuring Achmed the Dead Terrorist. They recite lines to each other and laugh and laugh while others of us cringe.

You can’t really question what makes people laugh. It just does.


Well, Achmed is quite funny. :smiley:

“This guy needs a TV show!”

Yeah, but what would it be about?

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You could say exactly the same for Donald Trump :expressionless:

Regarding their applause and hoots/woots of appreciation, that had to have been one of the most charitable, gracious, munificent audiences I have ever seen. And the most inexplicably enthusiastic. Wow.

Halfway through the video I thought I was being trolled. “Hilarious stand-up”? Where?

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Saw him live back in June of 1991. The show had been on for a couple of seasons, but practically no one was watching. His performance was really funny, but it was in a theater-in-the-round, and he seemed to be a bit bothered by the fact that he could only see half the audience at a time, which he commented on. Also, the theater had a shiny aluminum dome. I remember he said that he felt like a baked potato, which got a big laugh.

Holy shit, if this is his best tight five, what’s his worst? Stepping up on stage, taking the mic, and blowing his brains out?

I’d say that it’s just his 90s materiel, but I feel that’s grossly unfair. His materiel in the 90s was topical and funny. It isn’t even as good as the worst intro/outro bits from a Seinfeld episode.

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The person I was replying to said Seinfeld is not funny at all. My statement contradicted that with some evidence. Trump 1)inherited his wealth and 2)says things that appeal to his base supporters. It’s not a good comparison.

Hilarious eh? I was surprised at how unfunny he was for me.

Perhaps he was just outshone by Colbert

Hm, his style hasn’t aged well. That was pretty uncomfortable and boring. it’s just too safe, too for my tastes. Seinfeld is still one of my favourite shows ever, though.

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