Jerry Seinfeld has been leaving funny restaurant reviews on Google Maps

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“Very low noise level. As opposed to a delicatessen which sounds like a train derailing.”


I wish his guests had written the reviews. In general they are much funnier than he is.

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When Seinfeld is sassy on the internet, it’s “funny” … when I’m sassy on the internet I’m an “asshole” … go figure!

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In his prime, I thought he was one of the funniest people around. I’m not sure which one of us changed more (most likely me, I suppose), but his appeal totally baffles me now. I think I prefer my Jerry Seinfeld in amber.

I dunno. Plenty of people think Jerry’s an asshole. I still think he’s hilarious and was always an asshole. But he had Julia Louis-Dreyfus and company to smooth out the edges so people didn’t notice that his character was a complete sociopath.

Actually, everyone but Kramer was, too. They got what the deserved in the last episode (which I also thought was hilarious, so there!).

Glad to see I’m not the only one expecting better from a comedian

I can’t watch Tracy Morgan any more - I wonder who he threatened to knife to death because they were gay this time? Can’t imagine eating in a restaurant with him. Especially if they have steak knives.

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