Sketch comedy team performs all-new episode of Seinfeld, and it's pretty good!

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…pretty spot-on, I’ve gotta say!

The beginning stand-up was pretty terrible (on purpose probably) but it wound up being a pretty good “episode” of Seinfeld.

The woman doing Elaine was spot on. The guy performing Jerry seemed to be stuck in stand-up mode the whole time. There seems to be some timeline issues. The Susan character died in 1997, which would put the story in 2007. But Fitbit’s only been a common item in the last few years, which would imply a current-day story, except that Skymall is no longer in business. Not a big thing. My only real complaint was the difficulty in hearing the Kramer character’s lines. Everyone else was projecting enough to be heard, except him.

I’m rather impressed with the skill required to pull this off. Kind of wish I actually liked the show enough to be able to fully appreciate this.

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