American of Italian descent has house for sale


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Someone needs to give this guy a show on HGTV


We all grieve in different ways. :sob:


Seems legit.

I think I’ve met this guy a few times.


kind of disturbing honestly.


I know just the home improvement show to clean it up:




I thought Rob was 2/3s Hobbit?

I think this guy could move a lot of f’king real estate in certain areas of the f’king country, but I bet his charms wouldn’t work way down south in the land of cotton. I had a friend at school from the Bronx and it was hilarious how many f bombs he would sprinkle into every utterance. ‘Yeah, this f’kin design direction (tears it from crit wall) I dunno what the f’ck I was thinking, f’ucked up. F’ck, that was some sh’t, but I like this f’ckin piece of sh’t over ere. What da f’ck you guys think? F’ck it? or f’ckin awesome?’


Gwar should update slaughterama and put this guy in the hippie slot.
I’m having a hard time deciding if he’s just trying to be red state non PC folksy or if his IQ is below 70


“Love is in the air …” :musical_score:

Also: What is a masturbadroom?


Exactly what it sounds like. Rowr.


I’m surprised 45 didn’t hire this guy for press secretary.


This guy has been watching some Scorsese. A single tracking long shot, just like the opening of “Goodfellas.”


The best part of the video is how out of breath this mudderfacker is from walking for about two minutes.




His tracksuit.


I was sure he was a troll doll.


I find his direct manner refreshing. At showings I’m always afraid to ask the realtor which rooms I’d be allowed to masturbate in.


I’m always curious what rooms people have died in so it’s good to have that info upfront with this guy. A+


“No thanks, I’d prefer to masturbate in the death stain room, if that’s okay with you.”