Living Tiny


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Tiny utility bills. I’m in!


thank you for calling them on this BS


" Is there a place for tiny homes in Los Angeles?"

Yes, it’s called a studio apartment.



I find those Tiny Homes shows about as silly as House Hunters International.

“A friend let us park on some of their land until we find a permanent spot.”

“Our teen-age daughter will learn to love the space, who needs doors?”

“I want a chef’s kitchen and Steve hopes to have a private office so we don’t step all over each other.”

“We’re so happy in our tiny house, us and our 5 Neapolitan mastiffs.”

“I’m young and will never have bad health, so climbing up & down a ladder all the time is no worries.”


Aw, I’m disappointed the house isn’t available through the boing boing store.


Wat, “Living Tiny” isn’t yet another post about Trump?


You owe me a very large drink.


Sure thing!

Me first tho. It’s been an especially harrowing week, ugh.


my eyes! my eyes! must un-see!
need a more dramatic warning - look away Dixieland?
“warning - Putin’s c!ckholster” would have been enough to tip most folks off

I’m gonna go stare at the sun for a while to get that out of my eyes…


“He’s bad, but he’ll die.”


If you actually live in one of these, you would be forced to modify so many aspects of daily life, you would become That Guy With the Tiny House. Then, when the fad passes, you’re still That Guy With the Tiny House, because who’s going to buy your tiny house? Kind of like being That Guy With the Big Beard and the Shotgun. It’s a lonely existence.


Home buying/renovating shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. The tiny house shows with like families of 4 or more moving into one seem tantamount to abuse to me.


I’d like to see Mark’s reaction to being forced to live in a home so tiny that his expansive gadget collection required paring down to a Leatherman multi-tool and a spork.


AGH! Spoiler tag abuse!


On the other hand, many of these “tiny houses” aren’t all that much tinier than houses used to be. In 1900, the average American house only had 700 to 1000 square feet of usable space. And families lived in them. Maybe like American food portions, American houses just got bigger for the benefit of the people profiting from them.




Damn you to hell! :fire::fire::fire:


It’s like the BB version of a Rick Roll.