Whirlwind video tour of five fabulous tiny houses

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One of the reasons they’re so cute and whimsical is that their residents have the privilege of choosing to live in them. While that’s great and while we in North America could do with thinking about downsizing our living spaces, here are some BB stories about tiny homes that won’t ever make a hipster-friendly video review despite their “authenticity”:


I am amazed at the fascination for “micro houses” and “off grid” living amongst left wingers. To me personally, turning your back on human kind and claiming a patch of pristine nature for yourself is as Ayn Randian as it gets.

Praise should instead go to those of us who have learned to tolerate our neighbours, however unlike ourselves they are, who walk or cycle everywhere, who flush our waste down the sewage system and throw our rubbish in the recycling bins and who don’t require helicopter ambulances should we have an emergency.

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Tiny homes fascinate me. I would love to have a little piece of land somewhere with a tiny cottage to get away to. However, am I the only one that has a problem labeling a “tiny home on wheels” as more than a trailer? Sure, gorgeous one-off, original trailers, but once it’s on a frame with wheels it becomes a trailer.


Valid points. You know how when you’re on a trailer, it moves and bounces around when you walk in it? I have thought the tiny homes on wheels are a great idea except for that “not too solid” aspect. So, I’ve had an idea to build one of these, but build a real foundation somewhere, roll the house into it, jack it up, solidify it/attach it to the foundation, camouflage the wheel wells and hitch, and then I’ll have a tiny house that won’t move around when my big ass flops onto the bed.

The positive aspect of tiny houses on trailers is that they are movable, well duh. What if you only want to temporarily be in a place? What if you want a better view? What if there’s a forest fire coming and you need to get the hell outta there? Lots of reasons that mobility is a good thing. But that issue of “living on a trailer” is super annoying, and that’s how I would solve it.

I have previously read that putting them on wheels evades home building regulations in some places.

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You missed London’s houses of multiple occupation - landlords illegally renting rooms in houses to multiple people. I read about 40 people renting floor space in one the other day. Sadly cannot find the link now.

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That happens a lot in NYC, too. At least once a year you hear about a firetrap building in Chinatown full of subdivided wooden cubbies and bunk beds, packed with immigrants who sleep in shifts.

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