Terrible real estate agent photographs




Sure would be a shame if the guy who commissioned that shower got his water lines and gas lines mixed up.


You do NOT want the Nazi shower, historically speaking.


Ugh, you already had to Godwin this site, didn’t ya? /s


I’m pretty certain the owner would explain that Churchill started WW2 and the Holocaust was a myth.


The Shower ShitterTM presents a different gas hazard…


Let’s be honest, here; we’ve all had a few instances where that would have been helpful.

Alternative punchline; full-body bidet?


I think that it is a brilliant use of space.
Would have been a godsend in my drunken days of youth.


So the Nazi shower stall does seem like a hard sell but I have learned that there is someone out there for every home.

When I was living in Wilmington I had one of those real estate agents who would never say anything bad about a home, no matter how obviously flawed. I understood that she didn’t need to impose her own opinion, but would hope after working with us for a year she would have a sense of what was just off the charts unacceptable.

One home we toured reeked so badly of cigarette smoke that we walked in the door, turned around, and walked out. It just oozed out of every surface of the house.

A few months later, the agent was unavailable due to her having to host an out of town couple for one of those whirlwind weekend tours of the market. They were chain smokers. Guess which house just felt like home?

So maybe there is some skinhead out there who is like, oh, the irony of this is so wonderful. But really I hope he or she is not out there.

Tough sell, agent - can’t just stick a little air freshener in that bathroom and make it seem better.


The Nosferatu alone was worth the price of the admission.


Not really a bad photo so much as a bad property. Would a “good” photo somehow hide the horrendous Nazi flag mosaic in the bathroom?


This seems like one of those rare cases where you can increase the property value with just a hammer and chisel.


Ignoring that it’s a friggin Nazi swastika, it looks like whoever put that in did a good job. So well done…I guess?


Wait, wait, does this mean you have to make sure the drain isn’t clogged with fur?



I…what? Holy crap.

When I go to Hell (and I’m fairly sure I’m going there, if it exists), this is what I’m going to see when I open my eyes.


If you look closely, you’ll notice that the opposite wall has a normal, “good luck”, swastika. A good agent can spin this into a carefully balanced piece of feng shui.


Given how some skinheads can be, I’m not sure it would necessarily be ironic appreciation of having a tiled nazi flag in your shower.

And hey, it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me if the rest of the house is nice and the right price. Showers can be retiled. Hell, the real estate agent could just chip that part of tile off and probably not really hurt the value of the house.


Nope, that’d be a no go. Bad ju ju just couldn’t wash out with the re-tile but I suppose a giant pot of sage burning in there could possibly cleanse it. Depends on how good the parking situation is, eh?


Eh, I don’t think any bad ‘vibes’ would remain after the tile’s been removed.

Just to be safe I might retile it with a rainbow flag or something where the nazi one used to be, but unless the former owners had done other things that actually affect the safety of the house, I don’t see how a nazi flag in the shower would affect the house any more than, say, the ugly tasteless early-1980s wallpaper and linoleum we had to replace in my childhood home’s kitchen would.


What I have learned over the years is that if there is one obvious WTF situation in a home presumably at its best because it is being shown for rental or purchase, there will be a lot more hidden ones.